Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yeahyeah, I've been MIA

Day 12 Worst Job You Ever Had
(because goodness knows, I 
don't have a diaper bag to do
day 11's)

Shoe stores.  I worked in long as I can help it....Never.  Again. 
I won't name the stores' names, but both stores wound up hiring me around back to school time.  Let me tell you, retail/clothing at back to school time is HELL 
I'm not exaggerating. 
The first store made you stay until all of the shoes were put back on the shelves, we started closing at 8pm, most nights we wouldn't leave until 2am.  It was ridiculous.  Remember, I'm in high school.  School just hadn't started yet, so they could get away with keeping us school kids that long.
I swear to you, I think people (kids and parents alike) would throw shoes across the store, think football passes here.  We would find one shoe on one side of the store where it belonged, and the mate would be all the way across the store in a totally unrelated section.
I'm not joking when I say it would look like a tornado hit the store

The other store, not quite as bad, but it was really sports related.
A lot of nasty dirty feet wanting to try on cleats and athletic shoes.  Gross 

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