Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am the crazy duck lady

J and I dropped his father off for an appointment downtown, knowing we'd need to stay fairly close for him to call us to get him, we decided to go to the park and feed ducks.
I have a child-like love for ducks, I've always loved them.  So, of course we grabbed up all the bread we could find and headed off for the pond!

I was too excited when a few of them would eat out of my hand. 

We were followed around by a gaggle of Canada Geese, several Mallards, and a few Peking, and of course a few of those ugly ducks you see at every pond

We named a few of them...we couldn't help it.

1. a little baby, just away from his Mommie, named him Scout 2. Scout was running toward us, he knew humans=bread...smart cookie 3. Scout is tough, he holds his own with those geese 4. Meet George. 5. I think George would have gotten in our laps 6. George says Hi 7. Poor Rufus, he's an ugly duck, but he was nice and ate out of J's hand. 8. See, we had a whole gaggle, and that's just half of them 9. George again...he was not camera shy!

We had the best time.  We walked around the square, wandered into an old, historic store.  TOO cute!  Then, walked around the historic Episcopal church, then around to the historic Presbyterian church.  They're gorgeous and over about 150 years old.

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