Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I don't love Thursday

Ashlee and I were having a Twitter conversation about Blogger's-block, which lead her to tell me about this cute link-up she I'm jumping on board!!

Things I don't love....
the recurring lower back pain I have had sporadically for the past week, it feels similar to the pain I had with my kidney issues while pregnant...yay
Pierce's fussiness the past two days.  I guess it could be worse, he could fuss constantly, so I shouldn't complain.  I'm 99.9% sure it's teething, because there's no other symptoms of anything else and he has turned into a DROOL machine, and chews on his fingers like mad
which brings me to the next point...
I don't love when Pierce chews on his fingers and accidentally bites himself with the two little teeth he does have.  Cue screams of pain...that luckily stop as soon as he decides he just bit himself
While I love that my husband took the week off of work, I don't love that because he's home I'm waaaay behind on my housework.  Why?  Because he actually gets me out of the house lol.  When he works, and goes to school (full-time for both!  Yup, he's a maniac) I get to be Amanda the Happy Hermit!  Yes, I'm a freak who loves staying at home.  I can stay home and not leave for days on end.  Longest stretch was during maternity leave, Pierce and I stayed home for 6 days.  J forced us out of the house on the 7th day.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As A Mom I...

Found a new link-up, and since I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging regularly I thought I'd jump on it!!

I've only been a mom for going on 5.5 months now, but it sure has been an adventure.

As a Mom, I have managed to never be peed on!  And, to only have a Tinkle Fountain 3 or 4 times....
sadly, 3 of those times were in less than 24 hours.
I don't know what happened
How it happened
But Pierce was easily almost 3 months old
I'd never had a Fountain before, never.
That day...he and I just couldn't get it together

I changed his diaper, luckily the cover was off of his changing pad...
I turned around to grab an outfit (he wasn't mobile at the time)
I heard this noise...what the what?
I looked around the room, couldn't figure it out, until...
The Fountain started
The original noise was before The Fountain was up to full force, 
once Pierce got the pressure correct, 
The Fountain sprayed from his changing table to the wall across the doorway...
so a good 3+ feet.

I just started yelling for J,
between cackling laughter...
I didn't know what to do
But, the damage had been done,
Pierce had a huge smile on his face,
The Fountain must have felt great.

As a Mom, I
Let my baby pee across his room
and didn't even attempt to stop it

Of course I cleaned it up once I got him put back together lol...As a Mom, I like my kid clean ;)

What I'm doing with my hundreds of photos...

I have been trying to slowly decorate our apartment since we moved in.  I know, I know, we moved in July, but I was 8 months pregnant and Pierce appeared exactly one month after we moved in!  So I haven't exactly had abundant free time to decorate, much less shop.  Plus, I'm not one for knickknacks and whatnot hanging from the walls.
I've always loved having photos displayed around our home.  I think they make any place, new or old, comforting and familiar.  I love how you can walk into someone's house and "read" a story of their life and their family by the photos on their walls, in frames on the entertainment center.
Since Pierce was born, I have selected 100-200 photos at a time to print and plan to do that about every 2 months at least through his first 2 years...much to J's dismay lol.  He doesn't understand why I insist on having prints.  There's just something about having those memories in your hand, on your wall, in frames, that makes them so much more special than clicking through them on a computer or on a phone.
I love collage photo frames for the walls because, quite frankly, I can not arrange individual frames on the walls to save my soul!!  lol  I finally found some collage frames on sale during Black Friday that I liked and would spend the money on (come on, ya'll know I'm CHEAP) and had a friend pick them up...because I'm certainly NOT getting any where near Black Friday.
So, to fill up those collages I turned to the only website I've trusted with my photo printing, Shutterfly.  They're always running a great special and I get prints by the hundreds each order.  (Right now they're offering 20% off cards and stationery through 2/1 great for Valentine's Day cards) 

I worked tonight, flipping through hundreds of prints, to pick the best for one of 3 collage frames.
I just haven't found the right pics to fill up those 5x5 circles.  I'm excited to get the next set of pictures, so I can fill the other two and put them all up with the 18x24 canvas of Pierce we got ourselves for Christmas, along with the two 8x10 canvases I just ordered!  Soooo excited!  I love canvas photos and collage frames! My walls will make me so happy!!
I can't wait to show you guys!!

*This post is 100% my own words and opinions, not sponsored but an affiliate post
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 month appointment...a month late

We somehow managed to get behind on Pierce's well-baby checks...a month and ten days behind.  But, oh well.

I'm hoping to get back on the monthly update bandwagon with his 6 month birthday, but I thought I would update on his doctor's appointment!

Being silly, waiting for vaccines!
As of 1/25/2013 Pierce is:
27" long: 75-90th percentile
17.5 pounds: 50-75th percentile
17.5" head circumference: 75-90th percentile
aka, kid has a huge noggin...more room for huge brains

Dr said he looks great!  I love when the doctor has no concerns!

He got 2 shots, one in each chubby little thigh.  The DTap/HepB was the worst, I could see how thick that one was before she even injected it.  He screamed and cried the loudest he's ever cried after a shot!  I just picked him up and loved on him.  He carried on for a good 5 minutes!  Usually it's a few sobs and over with...apparently he doesn't like concrete going in his chunky thigh!

Fell asleep with peas all over his face

He has reacted the "worst" with these vaccines than he has of all the vaccines he's gotten.  
No fever, which I attribute to his doctor (thankfully) only giving two shots each visit,
but boy, oh boy at the crabbiness, fussiness, and sleepiness.
He slept 9.5 hours straight in his crib, after several naps, woke up at 8:30, nursed and went back to sleep until 11:30!  Then took 2 hour plus long naps!  He fussed and fussed when he was hungry, 10 times worse than usual!  I'll be glad when this wears off!!  Hopefully tomorrow!

I ordered a sling, mostly for hip carry because we're about to trade in his carseat/carrier for one that doesn't come out of the car and I wanted something to carry him in other than those bulky, weird backback carrier things.
I first tried him in the front carry...

Pissed off baby

He did not appreciate that one bit!  I think it confused him.  He grunted, tried to sit up, tried to lay down, tried to nurse, and finally fussed at me.  He was not happy!! 
So, I put him in hip carry...he LOVED it.  He started singing!  So funny!  I love his songs

Another nap...all the singing wore him out
Told you it was Sleepy Town around here

Some of our favorite PJs, I looked back and he's been wearing them since early November!  He was just a slow growing little guy...guess he changed that his month!!

I just took advantage of a fabulous canvas deal and got BOGO 8x10 canvases in black and white.  One of Pierce and J, and another of Pierce and myself.  I can't wait to get them in and put them on the wall next to the 18x24 of Pierce we got ourselves for Christmas!  I'm waiting until they come in for me to show you guys!  I also ordered 180 prints from Thanksgiving through today lol.  J is less than thrilled that we have SO many prints,I just got around 300 prints after Thanksgiving!  But I have 3 collage frames to fill up and I want plenty of options!!  lol  At this rate, Pierce will have a photo-a-day journal of his life!

Friday, January 25, 2013

I was afraid this would happen...

I'm still alive over here, I promise!! Being a SAHM/Wife has been far more busy than I ever expected it to be.  The perfection that danced in my head is laughable.
I haven't done any monthly updates since his 3 month update, and he'll be 6 months old the day after Valentine's Day!  SIX MONTHS?!  WHAAAAAT?!
What's my delay?  Umm...the fact that I insist on all of his pictures having a watermark on them so no freak can steal them.  And, that takes a while.  Since my son doesn't like to nap, I don't have the luxury of sitting down for 2-3 hours and blogging like some folks.  Pierce likes to cat nap.  Just enough time for me to get a load of laundry washed, and another folded, or the kitchen straightened!

5 months old!
Home measurements: 17.2 pounds 1/19/2012  50-75th percentile
26" long 1/19/2012 25-50th percentile
Soooo happy to see him in the average range after being so sick at first!  
Size 3 diaper
3-6mo clothes, 6mo Carter's sleepers

At max on an average day, Pierce wakes up any time between 530-7am, comes to bed with me because I'm lazy and I can nurse him and he falls right back to sleep...meaning I get to sleep more too!!  He wakes up and nurses again around 9-930 and starts to play with the covers, his feet, chats to himself.  I have to get him up when he starts singing.  Yup, the baby sings.  And ooooh, it's LOUD.  It would sound like he's fussing-on-the-verge-of-a-full-blown-fit to anyone that doesn't know his tune.  It's me, and J when he hasn't been at work until 6am, and has to get up at noon for school.
*side note, all the PROPS in the world go to my husband who works full time at night, goes to school full-time 5 days a week for a Business degree with a concentration in accounting, and still finds time to be a great father and husband!*
Back to singing...I have learned that Pierce must sing at least once a day.  His preferred stage is his jumper, but anywhere will work really.  But, whatever you do, do NOT try to duet with him.  Pierce is a solo act, and he will let you know that really quickly!  If you try to sing with him, he stops immediately and gives you a dirty look.  As soon as you stop singing, he'll start back up where he left off.  Yup...brat lol.

What have we been up to?
Eating.  He started his first food the week before he turned 5 months old.  He was ready for foods, watched us eating, reaching for foods, needing more frequent bottles (which isn't easy for me because I just don't make abundant amounts of milk), lost the infant tongue thrust.
So far he has eaten:
Sweet that he's eaten other foods, I can tell he didn't care for them
Avocado...kid LOVES avocado.  Ate 2 whole small avocados in one week!  And learned to smack and open his mouth, ready for more, with avocado
Sweet peas...I can tell he enjoys the taste (that's my boy!), but he's not so sure about the texture.  I got them pureed as smooth as I could get them, but the hulls on the peas just doesn't puree smooth.
I think next week I'll make him some butternut squash!  Or, carrots.  Not sure which!

He has rolled over from front to back, several times...just hates to be on his tummy unless he's sleeping so he doesn't do it often.  Has rolled from back to front, but only on the exam table at the pediatric neurologist, and the table was on a bit of an incline so I don't "count" it lol.
Pierce had to go see a pediatric neurologist because of possible side effects of the nitric oxide he was on in the NICU.  He was cleared, she said he looked beautiful, and we were told to just watch his development!  Yaaay!  He is working on sitting with out assistance.  He reaches for his bottle, toys, things he likes.  He can pass things from one hand to the other and has been doing that.  According to the chart the neurologist gave me, the reaching and passing shouldn't be a milestone he reaches until 6 months but he's been doing that for several weeks now.  Maybe when he was 4-4.5 months old he started all of that.  He is supposed to be sitting with minimal assistance by 6 months, and he's just not doing that yet.  Seems he is maybe still 3 weeks behind on some physical development, which the neurologist said is normal for a preemie.  (Is it strange that I still feel really odd saying he was a preemie? 3 weeks early, and 7 pounds 3 oz just doesn't seem premature)  But, what he is slow on physically, he more than makes up for in his verbal abilities!

I really need to get with it and post monthly updates again, and blog more often!!  Sheesh.

Happy happy boy

We call this his "funny face"
I crack up every time

He has the sweetest smile...and dorkiest laugh lol

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I'm totally new at this SAHM/SAHW gig.  And, most days I feel like I'm not meeting expectations.  Whose expectations though?  Mine?  J's?
My expectations of myself are HIGH...probably unattainable, I'm not even sure I can explain them.  I know I can't explain where I get them, I don't know.
J's expectations are a home clean enough to live in, he doesn't expect immaculate.  Clean laundry.  Happy baby.  Happy wife.  Well, mostly check...check...check...mostly check.
I'm working on the housework bit, Suzy Homemaker I'm not.  I'm trying to think of a cleaning schedule so that I can look at, tackle, and accomplish individual tasks.  Otherwise I look at the whole big picture and get overwhelmed and my ability to get past that needs some serious work.  Laundry, done, not a big deal.  Now...putting it away is going to take a bit.  Again, that goes back to the whole big picture; for now I'm not even dealing with our bedroom.  We have clean sheets on the bed once a week and that's about all I'm even worrying about in the way of clean bedroom right now.  I need to focus on the parts of the home that we live in most first.
Happy baby...done.  That's the easy part for me.
Happy wife....mostly.  Why mostly?  I'm not on here posting about troubles in our marriage.  Not at all.  It's me.  Again, not living up to my own expectations.
I've asked J to help me figure out a schedule.  Not even a strict schedule with times.  I don't want to live by a clock.  I just need a guide to help me get started?  Help plan my days/weeks.
After Pierce is changed, and fed, I've pumped and had my morning I play with him for an hour?  Clean?  Play then clean?  Can you play and clean?  He's not on a strict schedule either.  I just let him lead his day.  J and I aren't on any schedule at home, so why force one on Pierce?  He doesn't seem to need it.  I know what he wants, when he signals he wants it, and I meet that need.  So to me he doesn't need a rigid schedule.
When he goes down for his nap, do I take advantage of that time for myself?  For housework?  He can take 2 naps a day, and some days more depending on how he slept the night before.  But, some days, he takes a nap for 2 hours...or just 20 minutes.
It's so confusing.  You need a masters degree in Housewifery.  How do these "perfect" bloggers do it?  How do friends and family do it?  I know we're only shown what needs to be shown in order for the world to see the perfection that they want perceived but still...I'd like less than perfection!  lol

How many times a week should I be vacuuming carpets?  All carpets?  Or just high traffic areas?
Why can't I seem to stay on top of putting away Pierce's clothes?  He has a million outfits he'll never wear because they're not organized any more, just in the laundry basket....a basket that never actually leaves his room and isn't infact used to carry clean or dirty laundry anywhere.  It just sits.  He HAS a dresser.  He also has a 3 drawer chest of drawers.  Does 90-95% of his clothing ever see any of these 7 drawers?  Nope.
Is that on my agenda?  Yup.  But, an agenda does no good if it's not written down and there's no plan of action, right?

I think I was totally overwhelmed by it all today, I cleaned and cleaned yesterday.  Carpets vacuumed and even deodorized.  Kitchen cleaned.  100% homemade bread baked, sliced, put away.  2 loads of laundry washed, folded, and put in the room it belongs in (see, told ya, can't get it put away in drawers).  All while watching Pierce roll over for the first time, hold his own bottle for more than ten seconds (actually for 5 of his 7oz!) playing with him, getting him down for naps in his swing.  I even cooked dinner last night.  Homemade chicken nuggets, pasta side, and veggie (ok, that was easy, crack a can open and microwave).  Soon I'll need to add "make Pierce food" to that.
So today, I just did nothing.  Other than make tacos for dinner.  I did nothing.  Pierce and I played some, but he slept a LOT today because he had a BAD sleep night last night.

HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL?!  I'm serious here, I want hints, suggestions, help!