Friday, September 16, 2011

This could get philosophical!

Day 26: Where have you been?

 This can be interpreted too many different ways.
Oh dear

Physical places I have been on vacation?  
Where have I lived?
Psychologically where have I been?

I'm going to go with

First vacation I can truly remember as a kid was the summer I turned 6
My parents, grandparents, my brother (2 years old) and I pack it up and make a cross country trip from Mississippi to Seattle, Washington.
In a 1980some model full sized van.  It was brown and the back seat folded out to a bed
All I know is, the adults were brave to take two young kids on a cross country road trip.
Why did we go?
To see my Uncle Mark who was stationed with the Navy in that area
 Sadly, all I remember about this trip was my great disappointment in the stop at Mt Rushmore 
I just remember it not being as magnificent as my 6 year old brain thought it should be
And the ferry we took from Seattle to Vancouver, Canada.  I remember running around that boat like a madchild, watching the dolphins follow the ferry.  It was great.
Oh, and my uncle's bird...was annoying

Several trips to Dollywood
Gotta love 1980s Dolly...and the fact that she hasn't aged much.  In fact, she looks better now.
I want to look like Dolly when I'm however old she refuses to say she is
I'm getting off track here...

Of course we've been to Gulf Shores.  If you live in Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee, that's known as "the beach"
Anywhere in the area of the Alabama gulf coast is "the beach"
 Always fun

The Georgia Aquarium...uh-may-zing

Zoo Atlanta, also uh-may-zing
I highly recomend the reptile house...and I mean HOUSE.  Freaking awesome for this reptile lover!

And, our fun weekend we have coming up:

A little late lunch/early dinner at this fabulous place:

And either going fishing with  my Daddy (wish I had some of Daddy's favorite pics on this computer, of us fishing) or we'll go to Mammoth Caves
And then, on our way home, we're going to stop by Jack Daniel's and take a tour of the distillery

Not a bad little trip planned for 3 days huh?  And visiting family!

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