Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seriously Thursday

From one of my favorite bloggers, frommrstomama

Seriously...I get a virus and a sinus infection, at the same time.  Only me.  One time, I got an ear infection, a throat infection (not strep, some random throat infection), and a sinus infection...all at the same time.  Let me tell you, worse than any flu I've ever had.  I've had sinus surgery that wasn't as bad as all that!  So, yeah, I'm making the couch my bff today and tomorrow so we can hit the road to the ZOO on Friday!  Then on to see my parents for the weekend, so I have to get over this nastiness

Seriously...The doctor's office has a pharmacy in the office.  Convenient, thanks.  The pharmacist says, "We don't take insurance"  Amanda-mini-freak-out.  Um...ok?  How much are we looking at for my meds?  She tells us and J says, "Go for it, that's cheaper than paying co-pays"  Rock on.  Way to kick the insurance company in the face!  lol

Seriously...why is it some people get things so easily?  People that it seems life comes so easily to them.  Why does it work that way?  Ugh.

Seriously...I could go on and on about the last one, on a few different topics.  Grrr

Seriously...commercials are ridiculous

Seriously...I've got to do better with my couponing, I slacked last week and didn't buy any papers, so this week I was sure to get 2!!

Seriously...I'm hungry, but feel so yuck I don't know what I want to eat

Seriously...if you read my blog on a regular basis, which I know several people must because of my page views, FOLLOW me so I know who you are!  lol.  It would be great to know, especially if you are a blogger yourself.  I'm always up for a new blog to read!

Seriously...I don't have much in my life to complain about, I'm pretty darn blessed! 

Seriously...I have the best husband.  I haven't had to get off of the couch for anything since we got back from the doctor.  He adores me, and I can't  believe I have such a fabulous husband!

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