Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh wow what a year it's been!

Day 27: A picture of you last year and now, and how you've changed:
Warning, this may get sappy lol

  So, I searched and found a picture taken exactly one year ago
September 17, 2010
The day before J and I moved in together.
And wow, has my life changed
I never thought that I could be so happy
I never knew that love was supposed to be so effortless
I never knew that you do have a perfect mate waiting for you somewhere

I'm more myself than I think I've ever been.
I'm more comfortable with who I am
I've always been confident, but I'm more confident
I'm less worried with the petty things in life
I care more for J than I ever thought I could care for a person
I'm realizing things about myself that I never really knew...

I have the man of my dreams
My fairy tale
I have the me I want to be
The me I've always wanted to be
(Of course I know there's always room for improvement)

I'm ready for the next year of my life 
The next year of me
The next year of us
Bring on the adventure!

September 17, 2011
And, in the past year, my hair has grown about 4½" 
I'd love another 4½ lol

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