Friday, September 16, 2011

Too funny not to share

My mother has just gotten a phone that is worth texting on.  So, I'm still really confused and shocked when I get a text from her.  She only texts every now and then, and it's usually really short and sweet.
J and I are planning a trip to Nashville for next weekend, zoo, late lunch/early dinner at a nice place.  Then we're going to go on to my parents house.  My mom and I have been back and forth on the phone about our plans to visit, and Daddy and I have talked about taking J on the boat to go fishing. 

Well, this is the text conversation I had with my mother...if this doesn't explain where I inherited my quirkiness, nothing will:

Mommie: Houston we have a problem.  Daddy has to work all weekend, 12 hours Fri & Sat.  And I need to make a trip to see Mama, so I'd leave on Sunday So....
Me: Dallas I don't like this (I know where "Houston we have a problem" comes from, but I added my quirk to it, and obviously my mother ran with it)
Me: Hrm.  Is your telling me we don't need to come, or could we come and go home when you leave Sunday?
Mommie: I'm not over joyed either Cincinnati.  If you guys want to come do so.  But you won't see much of us.
Mommie: It's up to you Jupiter (now, her Jupiter reference, I don't get...I personally would have picked another city)
Me: Ok, thanks Pluto.  Would you like to go to the caverns with us?  (J likes caverns, I like caverns, we've never liked caverns together...)
Mommie: Which ones?  The ones they found the meth lab in? (They live in an area that is highly agricultural, aka poverty level/heavy drug usage)
Me: Yes yes.  We would love to see those. 
Mommie: Fraidy kitty
Me: I mean, I'll gladly go, read my blog, I'm a legal gun toting resident.  And my permit is recognized in KY.  hehehe
Mommie: Ok Deadeye.  But I think I'll pass on the caves (My mom has a much quicker whit than I do lol...did I spell whit correctly?  Whit, witt, wit?  HELP)
Me: Ok
Me: I love you Mommie
Mommie: I love you too Manda Pooh (Yup, just shared it with you, my childhood nickname that my parents have called me since I can remember)
Me: I'm excited to see you.  J and I will go to the caves and spend some nice time jus thte two of us exploring the meth labs of KY (sarcasm of course folks)
Mommie: That would take more time than you have.  (She's pretty dang funny)

See, quirk is genetic.  I got a big dose of it.
I love you Mommie!!

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