Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh, it was an Amanda Adventure alright

I don't do things gracefully.  Nothing.  I'm not a graceful person.  This also carries over into my relationship with technology.
I had to work the night before I left to get J, got off an hour early, got home got showered got my stuff together so I could just get out of bed, throw on clothes and make up and roll.   I had to wake up no later than 345 and leave no later than 415 if I was going to meet the time requirement set by the Army to pick him up.  I was going off of Google maps, and the GPS, said it would take 5 hours.  I wanted to have ample time to stop if necessary and get through post to get him.
I have alarm clock anxiety, as I call it, any time I have little time to sleep and absolutely can not over sleep.  Luckily, I fell asleep at 11:15pm.  Woke wide awake around 1:30am, fell back asleep.  I rolled over around 2:15 for some reason, just in time to hear my text message go off.  J had gotten his cell phone back and had text me, not expecting an immediate response.  I have barely spoken with my husband in 6 weeks, of course I was psyched and wanted him to call me asap.  He called and we talked for 20 minutes.  I tried to go back to sleep for another 40 minutes, with no luck whatsoever.  So, off I go, pulling out of the driveway, GPS set, coffee in hand, 4:22am.
GPS says arrival time of 9:19am.  Good, that gives me plenty leeway for stopping if I have to, and goodness knows, I always have to stop once on a four hour trip, and am about to bust at the end of 4 hours; so I was glad to see that I would have some leeway.  I had to be there no later than 10am, central time.   
Remember, 2ish hours of sleep, I'm on auto-pilot getting to the interstate.  It's the same basic route I take to work.  So, forgetting that I had a GPS, I nearly jumped out of the car when some woman's voice starts yelling at me to turn soon.  LOL!
Sadly, that wasn't the only time I allowed a robotic woman's voice to startle me.
Make it through my first personally-set checkpoint without much rush hour traffic, very little actually.  Fabulous, I'm making great time.  Sun still hasn't come up.  I get on the highway, off of the interstate, still making great time, not many cities on this highway, so I'm still doing good, very few speed limit changes, even fewer red lights. 
"In 1.5 miles, turn LEFT"  Ok, lady, that's fine, but your map doesn't show that I turn left, the line keeps straight.  Color me confused.  I look at the GPS, compare it with the road signs, and decide to go back and turn left where it said to turn left. 
Well...don't argue with the line.  I went a good 30 minutes out of my way.  Get back on track and stop for a tinkle, more caffeine, and gas.  Well, now GPS says I'll arrive at 9:59am.  DANG!  I have NO time for error.  I'm really freaking out now.  He said I had to get him no later than 10am central time. 
I'm flooring it, our poor car is pushing harder than she's ever pushed.  I'm topping hills, passing folks, I mean, I was boogying. 
I am starting to panic.  I don't know what they will do if I'm not there on time.  I don't know if they'll fly him home, stick him on a bus, and now I've driven this far for no reason.  Freaking. Out
I start to see signs for the cities that I know are close to base.  I called J's Aunt and asked her to please look on the computer and find out how much further I was, because my time wasn't adding up.  GPS still said I had an arrival time of 10am, it was getting close to 9. 
Aunt called back, "You should be no more than 30 minutes away!" 
If you enter a destination that is eastern time zone, you'll get an arrival time that is eastern.  Wow.  Duh, Amanda. 

Yeah, like I said, I do things gracefully.

I got on post, with out any issue, got to my honey, with about 40 minutes to spare to his time restriction.  The smile on his face, the sparkle in his eyes, the pure excitement I saw come across his body when he saw  That man adores and loves me, and it's amazing to know that the emotion, the love you have for someone is equally reciprocated.  This separation deepened our understanding of our emotions toward each other. 
Like I've said, it wasn't the dream wedding that mattered at all to me....beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have the dream husband.  And I never want to wake up.

Me? High strung? Naaahhh

Day 10: Something that stresses you out

 Right now, the only thing that matters that stresses me, is getting J's heart condition figured out.  Finding out what all is going on and what that means for him, what that entails.  
That's all I care about at this point in time.  My husband's health.

I'm sure I have a lot of other stressors, and I know I'm a pretty high strung person.  But, all that means nothing to me right now.  Nothing compares to making sure he's ok.

I swear these ones came from the carwash changer!

Day 9: A picture of the item you last purchased

 Yup, I purchased a car wash.  Big spender huh?

To be quite honest, I wanted the car to be sparkly clean when I picked up J...hoping to pull a little trickery and have him thinking that I kept the car sparkly clean the whole time.  Because, I'm going to be real here, my last car was a Mercury Sable, and it had so much crap and trash in it that I think I found Jimmy Hoffa in the trunk, and again in the back seat.  Yup.  That bad.  Plus, the car was supposed to be white, but since I washed it only about once a year, it was brown.

So, all I had was a $20, car wash was $10.  What does it give me as change?  Ten ones.  
Put them in my purse, go to the gas station to get a soda and 5 hour energy shots for my drive to get J.  Open my wallet and all you see are about 15 ones.  I felt the need to tell the old lady at the register that the carwash gave me all the ones in change.  Yup.  I impulsively defended the fact that I am, in fact, not a stripper.  
Got back in the car and it hit me, "Well, Amanda, that was awfully presumptuous of you.  That lady may not have ever thought to put dollar bills and stripper together, maybe she just doesn't think that way."  

Yeah, I scold myself.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm soooo not a shopper

Day 8: 3 Classic pieces you want in your closet:

 I loathe shopping, hate it.  Explains why I haven't shopped in over a year, maybe more.  I hate it.  I refuse to spend the money that the stores, whose clothes I like, charge.  
One day I saw a pair of jeans I wanted, loved them, looked at the price an gagged.  I am NOT, repeat NOT paying $60 for a pair of jeans.  It takes a lot for me to pay $30 for a pair of jeans.  If they aren't $20 or under, I won't buy them!  My favorite jeans I got at Target for less than $6.  Now, that's a purchase!
Back to the $60 jeans, that same day I saw very similar jeans on clearance for just under $20...only 10 feet from the $60 pair.  Now, you  know that the manufacturer is still making money on the clearanced item.   From that point on, I refuse to buy full price in brand name stores.

Back to the challenge:

I want a good pair of wide legged trousers in several colors

A great pencil skirt, because it's hard not to look good in a well-fitted pencil skirt


A tailored button-up shirt, let's face it, I can't wear them off the rack.  If it fits up top, it's too big around the waist and looks like a tent, if it fits around the waist with the tailored look, it's so small I can't button it up top! go

So, there you have it, I would be a prep if a)I weren't cheap and b)I had a personal tailor...which kind of goes back to cheap...hrm.  I guess I need to learn to be less frugal!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a little past the dreaming point aren't I?

Day 7: Your dream wedding:

Well, seeing as how I'm married, I'm a little past the dream wedding point?  Right?

I'm going to make some of you throw-up-a-little-in-your-mouth

I got my dream husband.
We woke up one day and decided to go get married.
So we did!
The only thing I think I would change is that more family would have been able to celebrate with us after the fact.  J's aunt, grandmother, and mother whipped us up a great "reception" with literally that day's notice.  We got married at 4pm and were back and partying with family by 5.
It was great.  We had a great time.  I just wish more family would have been there, but we know/knew we had/have their support.

That's part of the spread, it was great!

My darling husband shoved the largest piece of cake in my mouth!  LOL.
It was ridiculous!

Proof we had fun:
My "veil" and bouquet...and my angelic face

When you marry the man of your dreams, the man that makes you believe in fairy tale love, the man that will sacrifice anything to give you the best future he can...That there folks, is the dream, not the wedding.

Speaking of the man that will sacrifice anything to provide for me, ya'll know if you've been a reader for a while, that J left in July to go to the Army.  Well, he wound up having a severe medical issue and is being sent home.  We are beyond blessed that the problem was found this way, and not while he was deployed with medical help hours or days away.
I get to pick him up tomorrow, I'm beyond psyched to see my husband for the first time in 6ish weeks.  I'm ready to get him to doctors and get him to specialists to get him healthy. 
It is a cardiac issue, and it will keep him from a military career, but he has amazing support and we will get him through this.  He's in great spirits.  So, I ask for prayers for my dear J.  The Lord has blessed us this far, and I know He will continue.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'd like to politely decline your invite...

warning: I'm going to go off on a rant, but this is my blog, I can do that.  If you don't like what I say...well, Bless Your Heart (Thank you Miranda Lambert) 

When did I get old? 
I got the invite for my high school reunion today.  Less of an invite, and more of a flyer with details. 
I graduated from a small-ish county school, I want to say I was one of 60 some to graduate.  I don't remember the exact number.  Could have been 80, but I'm sure it was 60some.  So, yeah. 

Our Senior class had the least amount of school spirit I think I've ever seen in my life.  Ever.  I hear of other people's school stories, my husband's included, and I'm amazed that a group of kids have that much school spirit.  We did not.  Not at all.  We had a small "in-crowd" who had school spirit, but it definitely didn't bleed over to the rest of us.  I went to a few football games, but hey, I started working a week after my 16th birthday and have only not worked for about 6 weeks since then.  Oh wait, there was my senior year, second semester when  my parents urged me to just focus on school work and I did. 
I get this flyer/invite today.  For the homecoming game they want us all to come and sit together, cool, I might would be interested in that.  Saturday there's a big family picnic at the elementary school play ground.  Really?  The elementary school playground?  And Saturday night, no kids allowed, meet up at a bar and grill.

Ok.  There are a few problems with this.  Out of my graduating class, I keep up with and care about ONE person.  My bff Ashley.  We've been through thick and thin together, since we were five years old. 

No one else tries to keep up, no one else has my phone number, yeah, you see me on facebook, but facebook a friend does not make.  Simple as that.  So, why do I want to spend time playing nicey-nice fakey-fake?  Because I'm not either, and didn't major in drama or theater, so I really suck at playing. 

So, the more I'm thinking about if I'm going to attend any event, if I'm going to take time to go to the ball game, it dawns on me
I work Friday and Saturday, I'm not spending 8 hard earned hours of vacation time to go pretend.  To go play what amounts to dress-up and masquerade around a hot football field with people I don't know.  I mean, I know your name, but I don't really care about your kids or your husband, and you don't care about my husband or my dog...
I don't go to bars, or bar and grills, with my husband or friends, so why would I go to this? 

Yeah.  Plus, this all seems SO disorganized.  If we were going to do the whole football game thing, we would have needed to go last year.  2010 would have been our 10 year homecoming anniversary.  Not 2011.  Yeah.  So, I think announcing the Class of 2001 is going to make the group standing up look a little silly.  But, that's just me.  They didn't start organizing this, really organizing and getting together until May?  April?  Maybe?  Um, yeah. 
And, while I'm ranting, they apparently expected my dear Ashley to organize all of this.  Why?  Because she was the Class President...remember, in 2000-2001.  Dear Ashley lives out of state.  Yes, please Ashley, live your live in another state and organize a 10 year high school reunion.  You didn't know, when you were voted class president when we were 17 years old, that you'd have the responsibility of planning a reunion for a class that hasn't cared at all about keeping in touch?  Yeah.  Don't get me started on that. 
I may be just a little protective of my BFF!  How many of you can say you've had the same best friend for 23 years?  I'm protective! 

So, there's my rant.  Thanks for reading.  I have to rant every now and again.  lol

I politely decline your invitation, Thank you very much.

I aint no scardey cat!

Day 6: Something you're afraid of:

 No, not a black diamond....but 
Outside Dark
Yeah, you know, where the Boogy Man lives?
I walked down to my in-laws, big heavy foot long Mag-Light in hand, half for lighting my path on the non-street-light road, and half for a head-whacker for the Boogy Man.  Yeah, don't approach this chick in the dark.
You know Fight or Flight response?
I have that exact order.  Fight, then flight.  I will beat the living daylights out of you, scream, and run.  Yup
So, I walked back from their house, father-in-law laughing the whole time because he could see me looking in the field, checking for the Boogy Man.
I even hold the flashlight, ready to swing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 5...searching the archives

Day 5:  Picture of yourself four years ago

 Oh deary me.  I'm going to have to do some searching!  Kind of a scary thought.  Hrm....

I'm not finding pictures from four years here's what I have


The shortest my hair has ever been, I had my days with loving or hating it.  Oh, and my industrial.  And, yes, it hurt when I got it done 6 years ago.  It doesn't hurt anymore, and I forget I have it, until someone gives me a crazy look and makes some comment about it, "WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR EAR?"  I think it's some kind of bug or monster...

My dear sweet friend Tara and I, we had just jumped on her little brothers's trampoline.  Let me tell you, jumping on a trampoline in your 20s is fun!  lol!  And forgive our squinting, it was overcast, and you can't jump with sunglasses on! It's a rule or something

Me and my Mommie.  I mean, who doesn't love that I could get my mom to make a kissy face picture with me?  We don't look alike or anything, right?  hahaha
She may kill me for posting this picture on the world wide web.  I think it's great.  LOVE YOU MOMMIE!

Possibly a little known fact, for my readers at least, I used to be a manager in a retail pet store.  Another random fact, I love snakes...not that you can't tell.  This particular snake was just shipped in and was so sweet.  I wished I could take him/her home!  Love a well-tempered California King!
And, you can see how many different phases my hair has gone through over the years!  I am sticking with growing it out right now.  Who knows, it may all get chopped again.

So, there you have it, 2008 and 2009, almost 4 years ago.  I do have pics of me with curly hair somewhere, just not on this computer.  I didn't realize it had been that long since I went straight year round.  I used to have it permed straight in the fall/winter and let it go naturally curly in the spring/summer because it was easier than fighting the curl and frizz.  Now, I just keep it permed year round!  My poor hair won't curl now to save its life

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 4...prescheduled post because I'm good like that

Day 4: A favorite picture of your best friend.

I know ya'll are going to roll your eyes, but here it is:

I love this picture of him, maybe it's the look on his face that I interpret as peace, love.  This picture just shows how much he loves my kisses!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 3...Three places

Day 3: Three Places you want to visit
(but, since I just did Six places I'm going to go with 
Three Places I've visited and want to go back to!

Yup, I love it.  I parents took our family at least twice when I was a kid, maybe three times.  I haven't been in years and they've added more rides and attractions.  I'd love to go again.

We drove through Texas, a long long drive, when I was 4 turning 5 years old, on our family trip to Washington state.  Yes, we drove from Mississippi to Washington.  From what I remember of the trip, it was a lot of fun.
I want to go back as an adult and immerse myself in the Texas Country Music for a week or so, then back to reality.

forgot to get the source, sorry
I've been to different parts of Florida several different times and enjoyed it.  I'd like to go and spend a month, I think traveling all over the coast of Florida, hit Disney, Key West, and just whatever my heart desired.  

I know, I don't dream really big, I dream realistic.  Ideally, I'd love to travel and see the southeast, everything there is to see.  Then, I'll branch out and see more of the country.  
I never understood why people don't explore their own backyard, then travel out of their little region.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 2...What's in a name anyway?

Day 2: The meaning of your blog's name
Asquared...well, A2

It makes perfect sense to me, not you?  lol.  You'd have to know my last name to understand, and since I don't like my last name to be all over bloggyworld...just know it starts with A.  So, Amanda A, Asquared.  I know, I'm adorable!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blog challenge, Day 1

Day 1: Picture of yourself and a description of your day
I'm just not really a fan of pictures of myself, so I made my dear friend Brittni take several before I was happy.  lol.  I am my own worst critic.  

I'm at work, obviously.  Yup, this is me at work.  I enjoy my job, and for the most part don't mind coming to work everyday.  I would change very little in the grand scheme of things.
So, yeah.
I got up, sat around in my PJs with the sis-in-law, drank coffee, ate cereal (Multi-grain cheerios, baby!  yum!), organized the pantry, got ready for work...don't I look marvelous, lol...and left, got gas, went to the post office, and came to work.  
You see the Pepsi Max on my console?  Yeah, gotta have it.  L~O~V~E  haha.  jk, it's not that deep, but it is an addiction I must admit.  If it's not Pepsi Max, it's Coke Zero.
I did make myself a yum lunch before work (Yes, I know I'm scatterbrained today) I made a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich...yum!  

Ok...good day!

Seriously Thursday...and I'm still debating on the blog challenge

Ok, it's time for Seriously Thursday. 

I'll start the 30 day challenge in a little bit, because my mother supported the idea.  My mother.  Yeah.  So, if she says go for it, I guess I should.  lol

Mrs to Mama

Seriously...Could my husband get a return home date yet?!  I'm ready for him to be home with me, now that we know he's coming home!  I was all ready and prepared to be an Army wife, but life changes and you have to roll with the punches, and now that he's coming home, I want him HOME!  NOW!  lol

Seriously...I'm tired of people asking, "Well, what's he going to do now?"  Meaning, where's he going to work.  Folks, I don't care!  He's being sent home with a health issue that could have killed him had the situation not been just right while he was in basic for the Army to "find" the problem!  I just want him home so that we can get him to the best doctors and the best surgeons and get it taken care of.  THEN, when he's fully healthy and recovered, THEN we'll worry about what next.  Until then, all I care about is my husband is ALIVE.  I'll do what I have to do, he's ALIVE and I'm grateful for that.  Anything else means nothing if he's not alive.  Sheesh.  Seriously?

Seriously...isn't it August?  Shouldn't it be HOT?  I know it sounds like a complaint, and I guess it is...errrr, don't get me wrong, I love the cooler weather, but it kind of scares me.  What's winter going to be like?!  I mean we had snow last winter, real snow.  Deep snow, in Alabama?!  Crazy.  Plus, I want to swim some more!  It's not swimming weather for me unless it's 90+ and the water is NOT cold.  I don't like cold water.  lol

Seriously...I organized the pantry, I love making the pantry look like a grocery store shelf.  Yeah.  It's a problem.  lol.  I must admit, it gets to the point that I don't want anyone else to put groceries away if I don't think they will put them away in their right place.  I'm that person.  It bugs me, it's not hard to put things away so you can easily find them when you need them.  Sorry. 

Seriously...allergies suck.  The end.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm really debating on starting another blog challenge...this one is a 30 day.  Hrm...not really sure.

Here it is, partially for you to look at and roll your eyes and decide you'll check back in with my blog in 2 months (because, let's face it, I'll never get it done in one), and for me to keep track of it!  lol

Day 1: A picture of yourself and a description of your day.
Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name.
Day 3: 3 places you want to visit.
Day 4: A favourite picture of your best friend.
Day 5: A picture of yourself four years ago.
Day 6: Something you're afraid of.
Day 7: Your dream wedding.
Day 8: 3 Classic pieces you want for your closet.
Day 9: A picture of the item you last purchased.
Day 10: Something that stresses you out.
Day 11: What’s in your diaper bag.
Day 12: Worst job you've ever had.
Day 13: Your favorite musician and why?
Day 14: Favourite TV shows.
Day 15: Your celebrity crush.
Day 16: Something you don’t leave the house without.
Day 17: Something you're looking forward to.
Day 18: Bad habits.
Day 19: Your favourite stores to shop.
Day 20: Dream house.
Day 21: Dream car.
Day 22: A picture of something that makes you happy.
Day 23: A picture of something that means a lot to you.
Day 24: 15 Facts about you.
Day 25: What’s in your purse?
Day 26: Where have you been?
Day 27: A picture of you last year and now and how have you changed?
Day 28: Your favourite movie.
Day 29: Songs that remind you of people, places or events.
Day 30: A picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge.

I'll think about it.  I also have a few stories I want to tell, but I need to find the pictures that go along with them.  I'll have to bug my dear Ashley and see if she has pics from Jericho, I know I don't.  Though, if I remember correctly, I doubt I'll be sharing said pictures...I do believe I look TERRIBLE!  But, that doesn't mean I can't share the story!

Maybe I should just share the story tomorrow, then debate on the challenge...

Um...really? Little ol' me?

I'm supposed to post a picture of myself...I have pictures of  Really?  Hrm.  Didn't think this through when I decided to do this challenge that has lasted for, pretty much, forever.  Hrm.

Yeah...that's the most recent picture I've taken.  LOL!  I took several pictures, this being one of them, and sent them in a collage to J.  Hahaha.  Well, I guess I can't say this isn't me, I make this face all too much!

Ok, now I'm in search of stories to tell or of another challenge that will incorporate stories.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I've missed 6 days

Yeah, so life just turned upside down on me...but that's ok, we can persevere and we will get through this hurdle and continue to succeed.
I've told ya'll that J left for the Army.  Well, my reason for being MIA is that I got word from him, not the Army...gggrrrr, but I won't get on that soap box...that he had been rushed to the hospital with cardiac issues.  Long story short, this was all a blessing in disguise, we found out that he has a congenital heart defect and is being sent home.  This is something that is either found in infants and surgically corrected, or typically it has a terrible outcome...yeah, like I said, this is a blessing.
So, waiting a few weeks for them to process paperwork and get him sent home.  I'm ready for him to be home, so we can see a cardiologist and get him on the road to heart healthy!  I'm committed to doing whatever, if that means we both go on a heart healthy diet, bleh, whatever care it'll take. 

So, needless to say I've been distracted.  I did get to talk to him Sunday for about an hour.  It was fabulous to hear his voice and talk to him.  He sounds calmer, softer.  I'm really excited for him to come home.  I can't tell you how much I've missed him.  Words just don't describe.  He said he's learned alot about himself being away in basic, so this wasn't time wasted.  Between strengthening his relationship with God, learning about himself, and finding the strength we individually have and strength our marriage has...certainly not time wasted. 

Back to Days of You, since I only have two left!

This one is easy, because I love music...especially music that makes me think of J...
I take that last bit back, it will be tough to narrow down to just two songs....

1. Smile by Uncle Kracker

2. Into the Night by Santana featuring Chad Kroeger

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I have a serious case of the Lazies

I have a serious case of the lazies today.  I did not want to get out of bed today, then didn't want to get out of my pajamas!!  I finally did, and now I'm at work...and the lazies aren't any better. 

J wrote to his grandmother today, well, she received it today.  She was beyond happy to get a letter.  I'm sure I'll get one tomorrow!  Also, I think they get phone calls this weekend!  I'm so excited and hope to hear from my honey!!

back to Days of You

Three films!?  Oh boy.  Hrm...

So, that's what I could think of off of the top of my head.  The first two are movies I have watched a MILLION times.  And the last one J and I love.  We crack up at it.  I'm not a movie I forget the names of movies I like lol

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where was I?

My mind has been pre-occupied with J.  I got letters that he's had a few rough days at basic, pray for him please.  He's an incredibly strong man, and he'll be just fine, I just hate not being able to be there for my best friend.  I want to fix it for him, and it sucks to not be able to.  I know the man he'll become after basic will be astonishing

Four books?  Oh geez.  I'm not really a reader, used to be, but not a whole lot now.  Hrm

1.  Definitely LOVE Lisa Gardner...I've read everything she's written so far and anxiously await her next book!!  J loves reading them too, so that makes reading them even better. 
2. Wendy Holden  is growing on me.  I've read 2 books and wouldn't mind reading more.
3. Mary Janice Davidson, while I'm not a fan of vampires and the undead in general...I have to say I loved the Undead series and need to catch back up with the new releases.
4. My all time favorite book, I think I read it at least 10 times through junior high/high school, The Outsiders.  Seriously.  Loved that book.  I tried to read more by S E Hinton, but never really got into them like The Outsiders.

I'm no book worm, but I do enjoy a few books...just really picky about what I do read.  I do NOT like sci-fi or fantasy.  Never have.  

Monday, August 8, 2011


Turkey Burger, yumtastic
 Grilled Green Beans...100 times better than french fries!
 Chicken nugget spaghetti...a concoction my mother came up with, J's favorite!  I don't have a pic of the food, just J sauteing the chicken.  We now prefer to just oven bake the nuggets...but always hand make the nuggets!!  
I adore this man! 
 "Fuzzy little beans" as J calls them
Edamame, YUM!
And the least healthy:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Places

In no particular order:

New York City
But only once, too many people...remember, I don't like people much.  lol



 And, a little closer to home, I'd love to go back to Walls of Jericho it's a beautiful hike...but not for the beginning hiker, 6 miles total, the 3 mile hike back out is straight uphill. I'll have to remember to tell the tale of Ashley and I hiking Jericho.  
The 3 mile hike in, and 3 back out was SO worth it to see this.  Only, we went in mid-July so it was hot as blue blazes (whatever that means), and the water was ICE cold...awesome!

And, since
and my heart is with this amazing man:

Forgot to post yesterday, so I'm going to try to trick you

yeah, I forgot to post yesterday, I was busy at work doing things for me.  Yeah, I have that job.  I have enough free time to do things for myself if we aren't crazy busy.  And for once on a Saturday, we weren't so busy that I couldn't get some things done.  I had decided to get a 3-ring binder and keep our bills organized in there with dividers and a calendar just for bills.  Yeah, I enjoy that kind of thing, I'm a little nuts. 
I also got on and was able to get a few collages made to send to J.  I figured it would be easier on him to have a few 4x6s with several pictures on them than several individual pics.  Here's one:
Of course I made 2 of me, but who other than him wants to see 2 collage pics of me?  lol

So, on to my trickery.  I'm going to post yesterday's 10 Days You challenge, and then in another post, today's.  You'll never notice the Tom Foolery, right?  lol

Today might be difficult, I don't know 7 things I want?  I know one right now!  lol

1.  This one definitely is the first on my want list: a call from my husband!  I'm not even going to say I want to see him, because I know when I'll see him (so long as nothing happens to mess up his 36 hour pass in September).  I don't, however, know when I'll get a phone call.  Those are earned privileges and we aren't told when we'll get called. 

2.  Who doesn't want enough money to pay off all of their debt?  That's certainly on the list of wants

3.  A new purse.  But, I don't know what kind, don't see any in the new selections that I want.  I usually buy myself a new purse every year for my birthday...but with J leaving around that time, I just haven't.  Nor do I find myself caring.  Be right back, going to go purse shopping online, let's see what I come up with... far ugly.  I don't want to carry half a cow on my arm, I'm not a mom, don't need something the size of a diaper bag.  And I don't want some animal print, namely zebra or leopard, on my shoulder.  I'm not trying to blend in to a safari...brb, more shopping...
Ok, this one, in Black, not Cornbread
Ok, more looking, I've found that one option out of 3 pages so far.  And what's up with black and white giraffe print?  I've never seen a black and white giraffe?  Is there some sort of zebra/giraffe hybrid I didn't know about?  lol  No offense to anyone who likes zebraffes
Ok, I give up.  7 pages on overstock and I found one.  And who in their right mind pays $1,849 for one purse?  Holy crap!
Either I'm too picky, or the current purse fashion is just ugly...I refuse to accept the first and will go with the latter.  
What was I doing?  Oh yeah, wants.  What number was I on?  

4. To know how to extreme coupon!  That would be fabulous!  So far I can only save about $30 on a grocery trip.   But, I don't want it to take up half of my day or anything like the ladies on that TV show

5.  To find a church I like and wouldn't mind getting up earlier than usual on Sundays to go to. 

6.  A new bedroom suite!!

but it doesn't have a price, dang it...or this one:
This one looks super cool!

Ok, enough of that...
time to think of the last want...

7. I won't go on my political rant, but I want this nation fixed.  "Hope" and "Yes we can" just aint cutting it pal.