Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekend getaway...Part Dos

Saturday was a fairly lazy day, it was so nice.  Weather was pretty ok, I don't think it got over 75, breezy and overcast.  J and I went outside and played with our camera while waiting for Daddy to get ready to go fishing, wound up taking some pretty silly pics.  I can't believe I'm putting pics of me, minimal makeup, on my
He knows I don't like pics of me un-made-up

This is me stiffling a laugh during my annoyed face

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I love this man!

The "Amanda mad-face" I made at my Daddy
I'm trying to find a picture of my niece that everyone says has the Amanda mad-face.  It's pretty cute, if I find it before this posts, I'll post them side by side at the bottom

We went to a pond that Daddy's friend owns, and has stocked.  It was really fun!  I caught 5 fish...and one decoy duck!  lol
J caught several too!
I get bored, rather easily...J swears I have ADD...anyway.  I kept spying the little john boat that was there, but it had water in it.  Finally, after I got bored enough, I drug that boat out of the water, up onto the bank and got all of the water back near the plug.  I reached my hand in that nasty water and drained it.  Of course, I've gotten J's interest lol.  I got in it, pushed myself out into the water.  I told J, "Come on, get in!"  Poor guy, he must not have spent nearly as much time in a boat as I did as a kid.
J got in and wanted to paddle...he apparently didn't understand my amazing paddling skills.  I set out to prove to him that I'm awesome.  I paddled us around the tiny pond as he fished.  It was fun.
Told J to take a pic, bc he may never see it again

a caterpiller, on my size 11 shoe...yeah I'm big foot

My first catch, I was pretty psyched

but of course I didn't touch it, I made J un-hook it
J caught one!

Duke was less than impressed

Capt. Amanda!

My little brother-dog, Duke

My Daddy and his floppy (lady's) sunhat
We had such a great time.  Mommie stayed at home, where I wished I was until I got the boat lol.  I'm not a fisherwoman.  It bores me to tears most of the time.  Sadly, we didn't catch enough to eat since we couldn't keep any of the bass.  So, we went back to their house and ate delicious manicotti that my mother homemade.  We ate so good!  I think we both gained 10 pounds!  I must learn to cook better, lol!!

 And, the side-by-side of my adorable niece Rayleigh, showing that she is her Auntie's girl by making the "Amanda mad-face"  lol

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