Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spinning, eating, shooting...

I mean, what more could you want from your off days?

Sunday we went to Oktoberfest and rode rides...much to my husband's dismay.  But, he's a trooper and rode them because he knew I wanted to. 
I sunburn so easily, I was already pink 30 minutes in
We rode the Ring of Fire first:
That thing goes upside down, several times, around and around in that circle.  F~U~N!

The next one was a pendulum type ride, the seats at the bottom spin around, while the entire ride swings back and forth...crazy fun.  That is, until you realize that this is a traveling carnival ride and if it broke you'd fly about 100 yards and if you were unlucky enough to not die prior to impact....Why don't I think of these things prior to getting strapped in and swinging at near vertical??
This isn't exactly it, but same principle
 And, after that, I begged to ride one more...like a kid, I begged!  I even let him pick from the remaining spinning rides.  He goes with the shortest line; philosphy being shorter line, this will be over faster!  lol
Well, this was not my favorite.  By the time I spun upside down the 10th time, I was ready to get off.  Again, I thought about disaster after I was half way through the ride...but about the 7th time you see the platform approaching you, I'll just say it'll make you think Final Destination.  Unfortunately, I think it would take 2 paragraphs and losing you to explain the ride, and I can't find a picture online.

We spent some time with good family friends, we really enjoy their company, then went home exhausted.

Yesterday, we lazed around the house, then went shooting.
Unfortunately, the picture I have of me in ear muffs and safety glasses is blurry and out of focus.  And I didn't take pics of us in the range.
However, I'm a pretty darn good shot!  I shot my little revolver, an entire box of ammo gone, and only 2 missed the target!  Everything else hit the circles, and a few even hit the X!  I can use my gun for protection if I ever need to.  Certainly a great feeling. 
We just used the regular circle targets, but we could have bought a variety of funny targets.
But, we were boring...
We just shot at this:
We also spent time loving on our baby
I'm too cute for words

He loves to lay on his Mommie

This is his innocent look, he thinks he's fooling someone
So, all in all, very lovely off days!

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