Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mommie Milk

From early in pregnancy I knew I wanted to at least pump, for  my baby to have breast milk exclusively.  I did all the research, I was prepared.  
I could bore you with facts, but instead...I'll give you the lighter side of why I am SO glad I chose breast vs formula!

  • My boobies are always with me.  I have yet to nurse in public, but I've nursed at family's houses.  If we stay longer than anticipated and don't have enough bottles...I have the boobies!
  • The only time we have to warm milk is when it's been in the refrigerator, otherwise it's always ready.  Pierce will take fresh pumped milk, or room temperature doesn't matter to him!
  • If he doesn't drink all of his bottle, it can wait a while.  No tossing unused milk out if he hasn't finished it within the hour like formula
  • I've read that your body makes "morning milk" and "night milk", morning of course to wake up Baby, and night to help them sleep.  Well, I think my boobies have their days and nights mixed seems I make night milk in the mornings because when he nurses in bed with me he sleeps better than when he night-night nurses lol
  • Since going back to work, I started nursing more on days I work...less bottles to wash lol
  • Nursing=no burping!  
  • I *can't* diet, if I cut out calories I'll lose milk supply.  I enjoy my 2500 calories...though when I stop breastfeeding, it's going to be a bummer.  Though, let's be honest, I could eat a healthier 2500
  • To keep my supply up, I drink *ONE* dark beer a night after Pierce has nursed and gone to bed (something about the hops in dark beer helps)

I have recently found a few facts about breast feeding that I didn't know previously, that make me even more happy that I've chosen this route for my family
(All facts found through this source, the author has them cited as well)
  • You’ve probably heard the delicious fact that breastfeeding uses up the fat stores you laid down in pregnancy. The greatest weight loss is seen in the three to six month period. You’ve just hit the start of this uber fat-burning period.  
  • By breastfeeding for at least 3 months you have given your baby a 27 percent reduction in the risk of asthma if you have no family history of asthma and a 40 percent reduction if you have a family history of asthma
  • By this stage you have also given your baby between a 19 and 27 percent reduction in incidence of childhood Type 1 Diabetes
Also, I know I promised ya'll that I was going to do a giveaway of What to Expect books, I'm doing my reading so that I can properly give my opinions!  Soon, I promise!


  1. Fabulous info to know seeing as I have asthma and DO NOT want to pass it down to Sloan!