Friday, February 3, 2012

FurBaby Friday

Mrs Monologues
Linking up with Mrs Monologues today

Sully is our darling Furbaby, 
and while most of the time he is incredibly smart
sometimes he proves that he isn't human, he is a dog...

When I wake up, I let him out the back door (no fence, but he stays on our property away from the street, told you, smart) and start my coffee.
After my coffee has started, I open the door and look out to see if he's done with his business.
Sometimes he has run around the front of the house with the neighbor dog (who comes over and calls on Sully to come outside, it's pretty cute...though neighbor dog is not).
Instead of coming back around to the back door, no matter how often you call him
Where is he?
Sitting at the front door
Patiently waiting 
for me to use my human brain to figure out where he is, I'm sure is what he thinks.

Geez, Mom, what took you so long!
I couldn't get him to not look so forlorn lol
I guess that's what I get for thinking,
"Oh! Today is Furbaby Friday!  I need a Furbaby picture!"
Then (excitedly) shouting,



  1. Omg!!! Sully is precious :) I love his picture!!! You're sourly he stays in your yard without a fence! If we had no fence, Macey would be gone!

    1. He's a pretty good little boy. It only took almost 8 years to get him to near-perfection lol

  2. Too cute! I wish our dogs were that well behaved! They get out the front door and run as fast as their little legs will carry them. Monsters!