Friday, September 16, 2011

He comes in your house HOW?

Our niece, Amelia just shy of 12 weeks
Uncle J loves that Amelia has started interacting, and reacting.  She'll be 12 weeks Tuesday so we're seeing the sweetest smiles, she starting to vocalize and it's all too cute.  So, her Uncle J is eating it up.  He asks for her to come over every day (they live down the street).
Today, he started talking to her.  Got her sat up on his chest and she would "AAAAA" at him, or half grin, sometimes a big toothless smile would come out. 
I told him to have a conversation with her, not just say "Hi" like he kept doing.  So, he decided to tell her about the holidays.  Why?  I have NO idea.  But, she was soaking it up and enjoying her conversation with Uncle J.

He tells her about all your 3 day weekend holidays, then, out of no where, he tells her about Arbor Day.  Really?  Arbor Day?  Where did that come from?!
Then comes Halloween.  Yes, my husband is such a nut about fall that September 1st rolled around and we have some decorations out.  So, his grandmother goes and get the batpumpkin to go along with the Halloween description.
Somehow she wasn't screaming at this scary thing

She kept looking at the pumpkin
He tells her about Thanksgiving, to which she screamed.  Apparently Amelia doesn't like the idea of Thanksgiving.  She probably knows she won't be eating much food by that point, so she didn't like being reminded that she'll be left out of turkey festivities.
Finally, Christmas.  He asks if she knows about Santa, "AAaaaAAAa" was her response.  He told her about the flying reindeer, "which you don't see much around the south, because people like to hunt too much". 
He tells Amelia that Santa is a big guy with a fat tummy and a white beard, that he wears red.  He tells her that Santa comes down your chimney to bring you presents.
But, if you don't have a chimney, he comes up your toilet bowl
WHAT did you just tell her?!  I couldn't stop laughing.  
Later he says, "I'm really happy that she's starting to interact some, she's getting fun!"
He's learning the love an uncle can have for a niece.  I can't wait to see him play with her when she's a toddler!
Baby fever anyone?!  lol

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