Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where does he come up with this stuff?

I swear...I'm naturally blond.
Most of the time, I'm a very intelligent person
Other times...the blond ninja kicks me in the head and takes over...
Take for instance dinner tonight at McAllister's Deli

Eating our dinner on the patio, it's too beautiful outside not to
We were having a conversation, enjoying our talk
Out of no where, I look at the pepper shaker and my brain goes blank
The first thing that comes to my head, "I wonder how they make pepper"
When will I learn to just  keep my mouth shut?
What comes out of my mouth?
"How do they make pepper?"

I'm telling you, the Blond Ninja
I have no control, I swear

I've taken a picture of the look I get when said Blond Ninja kicks me
The Look
He says, "Are you serious?"
"Little gnomes mine pepper from a pepper cave, then they ship it to the gremlins for processing and packaging"

As soon as his sarcastic story came out, I remembered...Peppercorns!  DUH!
You thought Blond Ninja was done with me?
"I know peppercorn, but where do peppercorns come from?"
Again, The Look...
Lord, I'm not getting my full thoughts out here...ggggrrr
"I mean, I know a plant, but where are they grown?  And don't say 'in the ground!'"
I promise I thought they were grown in China...again, I got The Look

I have since done some research and found Pepper

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  1. well, you know, i've never thought about where peppercorns come from! heck, i just recently learned that peanuts grow UNDERGROUND?! wth?