Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'd like to politely decline your invite...

warning: I'm going to go off on a rant, but this is my blog, I can do that.  If you don't like what I say...well, Bless Your Heart (Thank you Miranda Lambert) 

When did I get old? 
I got the invite for my high school reunion today.  Less of an invite, and more of a flyer with details. 
I graduated from a small-ish county school, I want to say I was one of 60 some to graduate.  I don't remember the exact number.  Could have been 80, but I'm sure it was 60some.  So, yeah. 

Our Senior class had the least amount of school spirit I think I've ever seen in my life.  Ever.  I hear of other people's school stories, my husband's included, and I'm amazed that a group of kids have that much school spirit.  We did not.  Not at all.  We had a small "in-crowd" who had school spirit, but it definitely didn't bleed over to the rest of us.  I went to a few football games, but hey, I started working a week after my 16th birthday and have only not worked for about 6 weeks since then.  Oh wait, there was my senior year, second semester when  my parents urged me to just focus on school work and soccer...so I did. 
I get this flyer/invite today.  For the homecoming game they want us all to come and sit together, cool, I might would be interested in that.  Saturday there's a big family picnic at the elementary school play ground.  Really?  The elementary school playground?  And Saturday night, no kids allowed, meet up at a bar and grill.

Ok.  There are a few problems with this.  Out of my graduating class, I keep up with and care about ONE person.  My bff Ashley.  We've been through thick and thin together, since we were five years old. 

No one else tries to keep up, no one else has my phone number, yeah, you see me on facebook, but facebook a friend does not make.  Simple as that.  So, why do I want to spend time playing nicey-nice fakey-fake?  Because I'm not either, and didn't major in drama or theater, so I really suck at playing. 

So, the more I'm thinking about if I'm going to attend any event, if I'm going to take time to go to the ball game, it dawns on me
I work Friday and Saturday, I'm not spending 8 hard earned hours of vacation time to go pretend.  To go play what amounts to dress-up and masquerade around a hot football field with people I don't know.  I mean, I know your name, but I don't really care about your kids or your husband, and you don't care about my husband or my dog...
I don't go to bars, or bar and grills, with my husband or friends, so why would I go to this? 

Yeah.  Plus, this all seems SO disorganized.  If we were going to do the whole football game thing, we would have needed to go last year.  2010 would have been our 10 year homecoming anniversary.  Not 2011.  Yeah.  So, I think announcing the Class of 2001 is going to make the group standing up look a little silly.  But, that's just me.  They didn't start organizing this, really organizing and getting together until May?  April?  Maybe?  Um, yeah. 
And, while I'm ranting, they apparently expected my dear Ashley to organize all of this.  Why?  Because she was the Class President...remember, in 2000-2001.  Dear Ashley lives out of state.  Yes, please Ashley, live your live in another state and organize a 10 year high school reunion.  You didn't know, when you were voted class president when we were 17 years old, that you'd have the responsibility of planning a reunion for a class that hasn't cared at all about keeping in touch?  Yeah.  Don't get me started on that. 
I may be just a little protective of my BFF!  How many of you can say you've had the same best friend for 23 years?  I'm protective! 

So, there's my rant.  Thanks for reading.  I have to rant every now and again.  lol

I politely decline your invitation, Thank you very much.

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  1. thanks hon! i love how they didn't even need a reply to see if people were coming or not...oh well. thanks for having my back, shall i bitch slap someone for you sometime? hehe! have to be honest, if i manage to get in awesome shape in a month, maybe i'll go just to show people up. but i probably won't ;-P