Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Santa, gift cards from all of these stores will work for me

Day 19: Your favorite stores to shop:
 Love me some American Eagle!  I love the tailored look.
I really am a prep at heart...too bad I'm also CHEAP to a fault
Hollister clearance is my BFF

I loathe Target is my go-to!
um, yeah, I pretty much won't grocery shop anywhere else!
Why?  BOGO of course!! Coupons?  Love them!

aaaannnnddddd....a girl has to have her Victoria's!
But, I am NOT a fan of 
Let's just get personal here, my husband just rolled his eyes I know (love you, J!),
I'm a woman, therefore I want my undergarments to reflect that.
I don't want to have words written across my backside, not something I find sexy, attractive, cute, etc.  And neither does my husband!
Plus, well, if you know me in person, you know their brassieres do not fit me.  End of that. lol

And, yes, I know Pink has more than undergarments, they do have pajamas (sweatpants, yoga pants, hideous tees) that people are convinced are clothing that are suitable to wear in public.
FYI, folks...

Warning: Soap Box!
When you go out into public, please do the rest of the general public a favor and follow a few rules:
  • Always wear proper underclothes, bra especially (I don't care how small or large you are, contain those puppies) Commando is your own choice, as long as I can't tell you aren't wearing underwear.
  • Make sure the world can't see the underwear you have selected, especially if you are wearing hineyfloss...guess what?  It's not attractive, and unless you're a stripper and physically at work, no one wants to see your flossed rear end
  • You know your body, please dress accordingly.  No one wants to see your rolls hanging over your pants, aka muffin top...front or back.  Buy pants that fit, buy shirts that cover.  Again, unless you're a stripper, make sure your top meets your pants.  Thanks!
  • Oh, and shorts, oh my, shorts.  Please, look in the mirror.  If your shorts are the length of boy-shorts underwear/bathing suit bottoms, just say no.  Just say no to kaki or denim panties.  And, look in the mirror, make sure you don't have cellulite, if so, buy shorts that cover it.  Do the world a favor, let us all keep our eyesight.  
 I could keep going, but I'll stop.  I think those are pretty good rules to start with.  Oh, and blame my mother for the soap's all her fault I am this way.  LOL!  Love you, Mommie!!

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