Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My first TAG!

My darling little yankee friend, Amanda tagged me!  
Y'all, visit her blog, you'll love her

She and I twitter and text almost daily!  Never knew I'd like a yankee girl from Connecticut lol
Totally kidding, I'm not one of "those" me, there are plenty of them around

So, here are my questions I must answer:
1. What is your favorite day of the week?
Definitely Sunday and Monday, they're  my off days from work, and I get to spend one of them each week with my love (his schedule is funny, so he gets every other Sunday and every other Monday off), which means I get an evening pretty well to myself.  It's pretty nice!!

2. If you could live in any one person's {dead or alive} shoes, who would it be and why?
Can I just live for one day?
Since you didn't say how long I have to live, Amanda, I'm going to go with for just one day.  I love my life and wouldn't change it
If I could live in anyone's shoes for the day, believe it or not, I think it would be the president's.  (Not necessarily Obama though...not a fan of his)
Why the president?
Because, he has to be the most criticized person in the world, but only the President knows just how difficult his job is.
Now, PLEASE do NOT read this as me cutting Obama ANY breaks..because I SHO AINT doing that!  
But, if I could walk a day in the President's shoes, maybe I could sprinkle some conservative ideas in his shoes...maybe they'll absorb and go to his brain? LOL

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Wow, Stupidity and Laziness.
But, the stupidity is worse when people think it's "cute" to act stupid.  Ignorance is not cute, especially with the internet at the ready.  Educate yourself.  There's really no excuse.  
Oh, and I know I don't have perfect grammar on this little ol' blog, but DAMN PEOPLE.  It's NOT that difficult, and again, poor grammar is far from cute.  You just look DUMB.
I could rant for ever.  I'll stop there, really, it's for the best!

4. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
Pay off our debts, pay off family debts, buy a house (not a mansion, but a comfortable house), and a comfortable car.  Put the rest in high yield accounts to let it grow.  No need to go nuts and spend it all on frivolous things when you can live comfortably off of your winnings for the rest of your life, and probably set your children up well.  Invest wisely!

5.  What is your favorite quote?
Hrm, I really don't have favorite quotes.
Am I lacking something in my life?  lol

6. What is the best/worst gift you ever received?
Hhhhmmmm....I think I'm going to go all sappy on you and say my wedding set.
It represents our wonderful, strong marriage and commitment to each other.
Worst gift?  
One of those travel/emergency sewing kits.
Yup, I was like 15? 16 maybe.  My grandfather's wife or girlfriend gave it to me for Christmas.
Fabulous, huh?
Because every teenage girl you know carries around an emergency sewing kit in her purse, right?

7.  Any hidden talents you have that you haven't blogged about!?
I have really long go with my really long, skinny feet (size 11s baby!)
I can pick up virtually anything that I can get my toes around
It really came in handy after I had knee surgery in high school and had to clean my bedroom.  I sat on my bed and used my left foot to pick things up lol
I can pinch the hell out of you with my toes, too!

8. Who is your role model?
My grandmother
Mama is a very strong, independent woman.  
She has a heart of gold, is a strong Christian woman
She and I have always been close, we're still very close.
Love her!

9. What is your favorite chore to do?
Ugh, does anyone really have a favorite chore?  Amanda, you're nuts to even be able to think of this lol
I guess my least hated chore would be dusting
You can see the result immediately lol

10. What is your dream job?
Good one, dang...tough one
I love my job...of course it has its days, but the job itself, I love it
With Baby on the way, it would be really nice to be able to say I could stay home with Baby through the start of kindergarten at least.
We'll see if that will ever be able to happen.

I'm tagging:
Raven: @Momma'sDesiresandPacifiers (seriously ya'll, funniest blogger eva!)
Allie: @tableformoreblog (she has the CUTEST boys, and another on the way, any day now!)

Ya'lls questions:

1. Where did your blog name come from?  What was the inspiration?
2. Best moment from the last year of your life?
3. Scariest moment of your life?
4. Your greatest accomplishment
5. The goal you want most to achieve in the next 5 years

Since I decided to go a little deep, I'll stop at 5 and not blame preggo brain/creativity block lol

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's my Monday...

Yes, I know it's technically Tuesday, but since my work weekend is Sunday and is my Monday.

We actually got up and went to church Sunday, I say actually because we haven't been since J started his new job.  It was nice to be there, it was great to make it to the First Sunday in Lent.  Being the first Sunday in Lent, our gospel and sermon was on Christ's being thrust into the wilderness after his baptism (forgive me, I forgot to grab the program out of the car so I could tell you the exact verses...if I remember, I'll edit and fix that lol).  He was alone, hungry, and tempted by the Devil for 40 days before coming out of the wilderness to be crucified.  The sermon was great, the priest talked about how so often we forget that God is right there, always.  We don't have to wait for a returned email, text, phone call, tweet.  He's always there, listening and guiding.
The priest talked about how we've all been through a personal wilderness.
I started crying.  In church.  Me.
This isn't normal behavior.  My poor husband.  He kept looking at me, almost terrified, asking what's wrong.  I just shook my head and laughed at him.
In the car after church, I told him that all I could think of during the sermon was how we had just started walking out of our own wilderness.  J and I went through a year of serious downs that could have ripped apart a brand new marriage.  He lost a job, what he thought was going to be a dream job...hindsight, that was a blessing in disguise!  He went into the Army, got sent home due to a heart issue.  Once we got him to a cardiologist here at home, we found out he has not one, but TWO congenital heart defects.  But, again, he's a blessed guy, he's virtually unaffected by these issues.  He finally landed a job, a decent paying one with good benefits and great off days, and we learned we were pregnant.  Our finances are taking a turn for the just really is looking up up up.
We're walking out of our wilderness...we are blessed.  I cried.  I still blame pregnancy hormones, but hey...I think I deserved to cry!

Sunday evening, I got really really uncomfortable.  No pain, just discomfort.  I can't wait much longer, and have to take my next off day and go maternity shopping!!  I walked around half of the day with my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped!
I stayed uncomfortable until yesterday, midday.  We got up and took a walk, soaked up the beautiful weather we've had here the past few days.  We took Sully with us on our walk, because he needed to be worn out...he was a crazydog yesterday!  Two miles did him good!!

I really enjoyed my relaxed day yesterday, I got out of pjs into running (now considered walking) clothes, and from there into a wonderful warm bath, and back into pjs!  Doesn't get much better than that for this preggo!!

And, I have a confession.  Just before writing this post, I opened a pack of skittles.  I'm slightly OCD with certain things, and Skittles is one of them.  They must be separated out by color/flavor, then eaten in a certain order.  Yellow, green, orange, red, and save the best for last...purple.  Yup.  This is why I don't eat Skittles much.  However, I noticed that while I was separating them out, I was gleefully humming to myself.  HA!
laugh all you want...I would if I weren't me lol

Thursday, February 23, 2012

11 Weeks...and what I've learned

Might as well call it 12 weeks, since tomorrow/Saturday marks 12 weeks lol.  (I have 2 pregnancy apps on my phone, because I like the different info on both)

11 Weeks
Monday we had another appointment to check on Baby

Blood pressure was good

They did blood work, I'm waiting on no phone call on that one (hopefully, because no call means all is good and I don't need to add anything)

We have to decide on the Quad Screen for next appointment, which screens for Trisomy 18 Down Syndrome Spina Bifida and one more that I can not remember for the life of me
The only problem with this test is, the results are often false positives...
The test can also be run during the anatomy ultrasound, with more accurate results.  So, I think we'll skip the quad screen.

April (probably around J's birthday!) will be the anatomy ultrasound!

I'm starting to get a baby belly
With that, my clothes are too small and my biggest pair of jeans are starting to get uncomfortable.  I guess that means I need to go maternity shopping with our tax return!
I'm looking at Old Navy, but not thrilled with much of their selection
I have seen some stuff at Target I liked, so I'll be hitting them up too!!

We took belly pics at 4 and 7 weeks, I really need to get a 12 week pic and start taking them weekly from then!  I am starting to see a bit of growth and think it will be fun to watch.  
Though my mom and grandmother will FREAK when they see my belly on the internet! lol

I stay hungry.
I don't mean kinda hunry
Last night I ate a whopper, still hungry
ate some butter noodles,
I'm going to eat us out of house and home over the next 7 months!

Any maternity clothing advice?

I'm guest blogging for Allie soon, and I'm drawing a blank!!  But I'm excited to be doing my first ever guest post, and that she likes me enough to let me post!!  LOL!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just call me Mrs Positive!!

Lent (LatinQuadragesima, "fortieth"[1]) is the Christian observance of the liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.
The traditional purpose of Lent is the penitential preparation of the believer—through prayerpenancerepentancealmsgiving, and self-denial. Its institutional purpose is heightened in the annual commemoration of Holy Week, marking the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events of the Passion of Christ on Good Friday, which then culminates in the celebration on Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Thank you Wikipedia! You explain it better than I. 

Today is Shrove Tuesday, and we ate pancakes this morning...not entirely on purpose.  But, we talked about pancakes last night, and well, you can't be pregnant and talk about food without wanting that food lol.  The coincidental thing about breakfast and Shrove Tuesday (aka Fat Tuesday), when we went to make the pancakes, we had literally enough to make half of a recipe (works for us, made a perfect amount).  So, we used up all of our pancake mix today lol.  

I am cradle Episcopalian; meaning I was born baptized confirmed and still remain, in the Episcopal church.   Fat Tuesday (not Mardi Gras), Ash Wednesday, Lent, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter have always been big deals for us.  Just as much as the Christmas season.  Only for different reasons.  

Lent is a fairly somber time, a time of penitence, a time to really reflect on your personal relationship with Christ and with God.  Most Lenten observers also practice self-denial, you know, when you hear people ask, "What are you giving up for Lent?"
Giving up something for Lent is a commitment to refrain from something that you enjoy, or something you do without thinking about, for 40 days (minus Sundays) to mirror the 40 days that Christ spent alone in the wilderness, being tempted by the Devil.  

What am I going to give up for Lent?
I have found myself, lately, not being the most positive.  Not having the most positive or optimistic outlook.  Not when it comes to life in general, but when it comes to others.
I've become quick to gossip
Short tempered
Sharp tongued
I'm sure I could take the easy road and blame it all on pregnancy hormones
But, I'm not going to.
I'm going to refrain from speaking ill of others
From judging others
Stop gossiping
And start giving people the benefit of the doubt

Now, don't think I'm about to roll over and let people walk over me...that AIN'T happening!

What brought me to this decision?
The event that sealed it was Sunday
J's niece was christened at a small church in a very rural area.  Some might classify the area as country or "redneck"
The church was nice, the congregants were nice and polite
So, what was wrong you ask?
The guy at the end of my row sat down with his family.  First, I noticed his hair was long, frizzy, maybe a mullet-style.  Over his hair was a welder's cap made out of a red chili pepper material.  He was wearing a well-worn shirt, blue jeans, and work boots.
I remember thinking, "Wow, if I passed this guy in Walmart I would not imagine he was a church-goer"
I knew that I would have thought he was a man with drinking issues, drugs, or just hard living
It struck me, why would I think that?
Here this man sits with his wife and children, his Bible is tattered, signs of a lot of use.  He had used a highlighter to highlight many verses in his well-loved Bible.
I realized, instead of judging him and his exterior, I need to be inspired by him
Well, Mr Chili-Pepper-Cap
You inspired me.
I need to be a better person.

Ya'll, hold me to this, please.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Linking up with the funny Mrs Monologues today for FUR BABY FRIDAY!

Because, what's better than the fur babies?
They are so amazing, they deserve a day in the spotlight!

So, the other afternoon I went in to wake up J (he works nights, remember)
the bedroom door had been open, and I walked in to find this:

Too cute.
Sully HATES it when I get up and leave J in the bed sleeping
He'll stay right next to me in the living room, but if I even so much as move Sully runs down the hall to the bedroom and sits by the door.
He wants to be in there with his Daddy!
He just adores his Daddy, it's an awesome love

Now, you're turn!  Link up!!

I realize that I haven't posted since LAST week's Fur Baby Friday, so yes, I suck.
I promise, I am trying to be better.
Baby has just been making me feel rather BLAH lately

Friday, February 10, 2012


It's time again for Sullivan to be front and center on this blog! 
He's front and center in our lives every day lol

This is Sully and Amelia (J's niece) 
Amelia's mommie sent me this picture yesterday while she was visiting with J's grandmother
Apparently Sully brought Amelia every toy and shared with her
Now that she's moving around and not just a screaming baby, he likes to play with her

Which gives me great hope for Sully and Baby

Go link up with Mrs Monologues
Show off your Furbaby!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

9 Weeks, What I've Learned

9 Weeks

Well, I've learned a bit more since 8 weeks.
Today, a lesson was reinforced.
I thought that the nausea during Bizzare Foods a few weeks ago was just pregnancy nausea
Today I learned differently.

Today I watched as Andrew Zimmern visited with nomads in Mongolia.
Not bad, you'd think, right?
Up until he said, "And here, in this horse's hide is where they ferment mare's milk"
Then goes on to describe it as sour creamy mixed with lemon
Instant stomach flip
Oh, it doesn't end there, nono too easy

What do the nomad's show Andrew next?
How they cook, using a goat's carcas as an oven.
It was grisly.
I had to get up.

Why do I think I can watch Bizzare Foods?  
Because, pre-pregnancy, I watched it all the time with J
Never a problem
Iron stomach

Apparently that changes with pregnancy lol

Funny thing about Bizzare Foods any my pregnancy?
A week or so before we found out I was pregnant we were watching Bizzare Foods
They are in South America in the Amazon or something
The tribe he's with goes out hunting for food, they need protein and aren't shy about how they get it
The camera shows a backpack with a tortoise strapped to it.
For some reason I didn't connect that with what was about to happen
No no, I didn't make that jump

I started crying
over this tortoise.
The thing that set me off was the dismembered pieces in a bowl.
J thought I was joking when I first started tearing up
Then he sees me with real tears streaming down my cheeks
Then it turns into sobs and sniffles
And me crying, "Why would they eat a turtle?!

Yup, that should have been our first clue of the pregnancy lol

What else have I noticed?
My pants are getting tight
Generally, I'm short tempered, but now I'm REALLY short tempered
I have no patience for stupidity
I have no patience, period
I'm starving, all the time
My skin is insanely dry, even though I drink water like MAD and use lotion
I don't really want red meat, though I should eat it for the iron (it just doesn't taste the same)
I'm exhausted
I burp...all the time

Next baby appointment is in less than two weeks

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Mrs to Mama
1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
*Not that long in the grand scheme of things!  September 18, 2010
2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?}
*At work, he was leaving for another job, but we worked long enough together to quickly become friends and fall in love...and move in together 4 days after we started dating!
3. If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? {do tell}
*We have been married 13 months!  We dated/lived together for 3 months and got married less than 2 months after getting engaged, and wouldn't change a thing for this world
4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding? If not, where would you like to get married? And will it be big or small?
*We decided on Monday that we would get married the next day, went to the courthouse with his dad, brother, and sister-in-law
5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!
*Goodness, I think the most used nicknames are HoneyBee (J) and HoneySuckle (me), we don't really use baby or babe much at all, I do tend to use honey a lot.
6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.
*He's my very best friend and treats me like his queen, he makes me laugh always, and loves me unconditionally.  He's fabulous
7. Tell us how he proposed? Or your ideal proposal?
*We were home alone in our apartment, I was making our lunch and he came in and proposed.  It was wonderful, sweet, simple.
8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberrieschampagne, and rose petals?
*Definitely a flowers/teddy bear type
9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?
*I think I'm both, but I am certainly more movie at home than I am go out on the town.
10. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere? 
*I think we'd really enjoy a cruise, a different destination each day.  But, I really think it would have to be a family friendly cruise without a load of drunk folks...oh, and can we have well behaved children on this boat too? lol
11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine's Day. 
*Ha, we're both working.  So, nothing on this actual Valentine's Day.  We'll go to dinner at some point.
12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine's day?
*I already got what I asked for, lol.  A beautiful heart necklace.  I've always wanted one, and I found one on sale (because I'm a cheap-o and can't stand the thought of him spending a ton of money on jewelry).  He got it for me for a quarter of it's original price, brand new too!  I'm a happy lady.  
13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love. 
*Communication and relaxation.  You must talk, discuss, cut up, joke, say the things you feel, let your partner know how you feel about everything not just the good stuff
14.  Show us a picture of what love means to you.
Loving someone enough to join your lives together in a child...our child...we're so excited

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Am I having a Boy or Girl?

**I came in to work first shift on my day off (hey, more vacation time to bank for when Baby gets here), and in my sleep deprived state I decided to start looking up baby stuff which lead me to this blog and her 51 Old Wives Tales post.  So, I decided to share and make my own tally to see what these Old Wives Tales say!  I'm not going to copy all 51 lol.....And, for Dad's-to-Be, or Mom's-to-Be with a good sense of humor, check this out: Dad's Guide to the size of your baby Hilarious

Old Wives Tale #2: Umbilical Cord
If a pregnant woman lifts her hands above her head or does stretches above her hand, she will choke the baby because the umbilical cord will be wrapped around the baby.    The truth of this pregnancy wives tale is that the umbilical cord can wrap around the baby if the baby moves a lot while in the uterus, but it does not happen if you move a lot or stretch above your head.  The baby gets tangled in the umbilical cord in about 1/3 of all births, so it’s not so uncommon.
*Now this is just the silliest thing I may have ever heard
Old Wives Tale #3:  Cravings Curse
Basically if anyone denies a pregnant woman whatever she is craving, they will get a sty in his/her eye.  Personally, I think all men should read this and always give into whatever us pregnant women want!  For their own benefit, of course.
*HA!  Loving this one!  I'll have to pass this bit of info on to the husband!  

Old Wives Tale #4:  Heart Rate
If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it is said that the baby will be a girl.  If it is under 140 bpm, then it will be a boy.  
*First ultrasound Baby's heart rate was no real definitive answer there, but for the sake of fun we'll say Girl
Old Wives Tale #9:  Wearing a Lei
This Hawaiian superstition relates to the lei causing the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby.  Of course, it’s crazy and makes no sense why you could not wear a lei.  
*Again, this is just silly!
Old Wives Tale #12:  Shape of Belly
If you are carrying high with a big, round belly, you are having a girl.  If you are carrying low with a smaller belly that sticks straight out, it’s a boy.  
*Too soon to tell, only 9 weeks along..I'll have to get back to you on this one in a month or two
Old Wives Tale #13:  Ring Test
Using a string, hang your wedding ring over your pregnant belly.  You are having a girl if the ring swings back and forth  and it’s a boy if it swings in a circle.   
*I'm at work, with no string, again, get back to you
Old Wives Tale #14:  Shape of Mom’s Face
When your face gets fuller and rounder when pregnant, it means you’re going to have a girl.  If your face is long and narrow, it’s a boy
*So far, no changes in my face...this one is no help
Old Wives Tale #16:  Mayan Tale
The Mayan tale adds the mothers age at conception and the year of conception.  If the result is a even number then mom is having a girl.  If the result is an odd number then a boy is on the way!  
*Odd number, Score 1 for Boy
Old Wives Tale #17:  Drano Test
The drano test combines a tablespoon of Drano and urine together.  If the mixture turns green, it’s a girl.  If it turns blue, it’s a boy.  
*Not sure if I'm going to make a Drano-pee cocktail to find this one out
Old Wives Tale #18:  Acne
If you have acne while pregnant, it’s a girl.  It’s thought that acne during pregnancy is caused by the extra hormones.  
*Less acne/skin issues than pre-pregnancy.  Really dry skin though...Score for Boy
Old Wives Tale #19:  Cravings
People believe that if you are craving salty foods while pregnant, you can count on having a boy.  If you crave sweets, fruit, and orange juice, you are having a little girl.  
*Not really having cravings, but I really have avoided most sweets.  I say that as I have gummy Life Savers in front of me and had a chocolate pop-tart for breakfast (you can't expect much out of me after 4 hours of sleep, I grabbed what the gas station had convenient) So, because of the sweets and this is just for fun, we'll go with Score for Girl
Old Wives Tale #20:  Smell of Garlic
If a pregnant woman eats a clove of garlic and the smell does not come out of her pores, it’s a girl.  If the smell seeps out of her pores, it’s a boy.   
*I LOVE garlic, always have.  Husband hates when I eat it because my breath STANKS! So, we'll say boy for the sake of the game again
Old Wives Tale #22:  Skin under Left Eye
The eye test is when a “V” or “branches” appear when you pull down the skin under your left eye.  If you see a “V” or “branches” in the white part, you’re having a girl.  
*I haven't gone pulling on my eyes to find this one out...not sure that I want to do that sitting in the middle of work lol  Get back to you, if I do this one
Old Wives Tale #24:  Wooden Spoon, Scissors, and Pink Bows
Apparently if you put a wooden spoon and a pair of scissors under your bed and a pink bow under your pillow, you’ll have yourself a little baby girl.  
*Wow.  I guess I might would think about this craziness if I cared either way what sex Baby is...but I don't
Old Wives Tale #25:  History of Parent’s Kids
You can find out the sex by going off of your parent’s kids and the order.  If you are the first born, you will have what your mother had but starting with her second child.  If you are the middle child, you will have what she said, but starting with the third child.  If you are the last child, you will have what your mother had in the exact order.
*Um, my mother's second child was a boy, and J's mother's second child was a boy...Score for Boy
Old Wives Tale #27:  Legs
If your legs get really big, you’re having a boy.  If your legs stay in shape and lean, it’s a girl. 
*Oh dear, this is not anything I'm looking forward to!  That said, too early to tell
Old Wives Tale #28:  Moodiness and a Little Pecker
If you are really moody, you are having a girl since you have another extra girl hormones in you.  Your pregnancy will make you smile and be more happy if you are having a boy because there’s a little penis inside you.
*I'm both.  I have days where I will BITE YOUR HEAD OFF, and days where nothing is wrong and I can let things roll where I wouldn't have tie, no score for either Boy or Girl
Old Wives Tale #29:  Bread
If you eat the ends of bread, it’s a boy.  If you eat the middle of the load, it’s a girl.  I’ve never liked the ends of bread
*I've never liked the ends, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've HAD to eat the we'll say Score for girl
Old Wives Tale #30:  Chinese Gender Chart
The Chinese Gender Chart claims to have an accuracy rate of over 90%.  It is based on how old the mother is at conception and the month that she conceived.   
*Score for Girl
Old Wives Tale #31:  Mom’s Beauty
Basically you are having a girl if your beauty disappears during pregnancy.  It is said that the girl “steals” the mother’s beauty.  If you think that pregnancy has never made you look more beautiful, you might just be having a little boy.  
*I feel really blah and unattractive, so Score Girl
Old Wives Tale #32:  Dream of Sex of Baby
If you have dreams that you are having a boy, you will have a girl.  If you dream about having a girl, it will be a boy.  Dreams show the opposite of what you are having.
*Dreamed of a girl, Score Boy...though J has dreamed of a boy, and since this is my game/my rules, Score Girl
Old Wives Tale #33:  Clumsy vs. Graceful
If the pregnant woman is graceful throughout her pregnancy, she’s having a girl.  If she becomes clumsy, she’s having a boy.  
*I was a very clumsy person pre-pergnancy...My mother regularly calls me Grace (sarcasm is inherited, I'm sure of it).  I've noticed my balance being much better since.  Score Girl
Old Wives Tale #35:  Side You Most Rest On
If a pregnant woman prefers to lay on her left side, she’s having a boy.  If she prefers resting on her right side, she’s having a girl.  
*I can't get comfortable on my left, at all...I sleep on my right 75% of the time, the other 25% is on my stomach (though that's starting to get uncomfortable)  Score Girl
Old Wives Tale #36:  Hands
When the pregnant woman is asked to show her hands, it’s a boy if she keeps her palms down and a girl if she shows her palms up.  
*No one asks  me to show my hands...if someone does, I'll get back to ya on this
Old Wives Tale #37:  Dad’s Weight Gain
If the dad-to-be gains weight while you are pregnant, it’s a girl.  If he doesn’t gain weight, you’re having a boy.  
*J?  What do you think?  I don't think he's gained any, Score boy
Old Wives Tale #39:  Necklace Over Hand
Have someone hold a necklace over your hand.  If the necklace swings back and forth, it’s a boy.  If it moves in a circle, it’s a girl.  
*Back and forth, then circle, then back and forth again...Score Boy
Old Wives Tale #40:  What Do You Think?
71% of the time, the mom-to-be knows what she is having.
*At first I thought Boy, now I'm undecided, what the hey Score Boy
Old Wives Tale #41:  Morning Sickness
If you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it’s a boy.  If you were sick or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, count on a girl.
*So far, nausea and exhaustion, gagging but no puking...Score Girl
Old Wives Tale #43:  Protein
When a pregnant woman craves meat and cheese, count on a boy.  
*I love me some cheese burgers and cheese and crackers....Score Boy
Old Wives Tale #44:  Feet
Are your feet colder now that you are pregnant?  If so, you just might be having a boy.  If your feet have stayed the same before pregnancy and during, you’re having a little girl.
*Always have had COLD feet until I get good and comfy in bed...nothing has changed, Score Girl
Old Wives Tale #45:  Hair on Legs
If the hair on your legs has been growing at record speeds, you might be having a boy. 
*No real change there, Score girl?  Score boy?  we'll just say no score lol
Old Wives Tale #46:  Hands are Dry
If your hands are constantly dry, it’s a boy.    
*My skin is SO dry, has been since day 1!...Score Boy
Old Wives Tale #47:  Urine
What color is your pee?  If it is bright yellow, you will have a little boy.  If your urine is a dull yellow, plan on a girl.  
*Dull...but I drink 3 liters of water a day...but I don't think Old Wives care how diluted your pee is...Score Girl
Old Wives Tale #49:  Headaches
If you are having headaches, you might be carrying a boy. 
*Nope, but never have been a headachy person...Score Girl
Old Wives Tale #50:  Drinking Water
Drinking water is really important when pregnant.  An old wives tale was that if the mom-to-be wasn’t drinking enough water daily, the amniotic fluid would be really dirty for the baby.  Drinking tons of water will help you stay hydrated, but has no correlation with how clean or dirty the amniotic sac is.  
*Like I said, 3+ liters of water a day, Baby is swimming in some clean amniotic fluid!
Old Wives Tale #51:  Baby Names
It is said that when you can only think of specific names for a boy or a girl, you will have that particularly baby. 
*We are pretty set on a boy's first name, and a girl's first name but not the middles...again, My Game/My Rules, Score both! lol
End result?

haha, we'll see.
I figure we'll know mid-April, I should be around 20 weeks then
Maybe my blogger block will leave, I just don't want to be someone who blogs about nothing but Baby, sickness, moaning, groaning, complaining.  lol