Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Are you packing a survival kit in there?!"

Day 25: What's in your purse

Yes, my husband saw me emptying my purse in preparation for the picture I took for you guys, and he says, "What in the world?!  Are you packing a survival kit in there?!"
A hypoglycemic girl has to have her snacks!

Here it is, in all of it's glory!

1. My big wallet, I don't even know why I carry it any more because everything of any importance is in 7. my little wallet.  Love that thing, it fits in my back pocket
2. Knife.  Following my husband's philosophy, you never know when you'll need a knife for any reason.  This is the only one of his knives I feel comfortable manipulating
3. combination lock, I don't remember the combination (I left it out of  my purse when I put all of this mess back in, lol)
4. Gun, yup.  I'm now that woman.  I do have my permit, so I'm all legal and stuff. Back to this later
5. Tampon...hey, you never know when you'll need it
6. Sudafed, Alabama allergies....enough said
7. Little wallet, saves me from having to carry my purse everywhere
8. Makeup, which I only use the chap-stick when I remember it's there
9. Pens and usb thumb-drive thingy
10. More makeup, still nothing that I use on any regular basis, but you never know
11. Calculator, yes, I use this every week when I go to the grocery store.  Why?  Explained here
12. Checkbook and BAM card
13. Lotion
14. Sunglasses, perhaps the most important thing in my purse next to my wallet
15. Keys, and a green sharpie...goes back to when J was in boot camp, I don't clean out my purse much
16. Granola bars, 5 to be exact.  I forget they're in there and throw another in. Now, I pretty much wont eat them because they're all crunched up, but they're still there waiting on the apocalypse (I kid)
17. Tylenol and more sinus medicine

Wow, that's a lot of crap.  I didn't realize there was that much junk in there.  Maybe I should consider a small purse so I can't carry all that mess.  But, then there's the gun, it wouldn't fit in a tiny purse...

Oh, the're probably wanting more info on that.  
My husband is an avid pistol carrying man.  I swear, it's like his security blanket.  We don't go into seedy parts of town, we don't dawdle when we have to drive through shady neighborhoods on the highway, we only go to certain stores at certain times.  But, he grew up in a law enforcement environment, so it's what he knows.  Me, on the other hand, I was always the girl that said, I'll carry a knife, I'll scream, I'll carry mace, I'll get a tazer.  Then comes gun-toter J.  
"Are you going to be able to fight off an attacker long enough to get to your knife?  What if mace gets turned around on you, will you be able to continue fighting?  If you scream, will someone hear you?  Will your attacker cover your mouth?" 
He did consider getting me a tazer, but then he decided that I needed a gun.  So, what do I get?  The revolver he had bought for himself.  I've shot it once.  
When I say once, I mean that in the most literal sense.  Once.  One trigger pull.  I shot at the soy bean field near the house.  J is going to take me to the range on my next off day, now that I have my permit and I am carrying.  We do things a bit backwards sometimes.  lol

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  1. LOVE THIS POST! and lmao at the granola bar explanation, because i do the exact same thing! hey, when you go to the shooting range, please take pics. just saw a shooting range in vegas where you get to pick out your target and you can choose from a mullet guy, skanky looking ladies, all sorts of stuff. sounds fun!