Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Can. Not. Wait.

Day 17: Something you're looking forward to

 I could be really boring and say, "The future", which is true, but I'll spice it up a little bit

J and I are going to take our first "vacation" together.  It'll only be one night in a hotel, but who cares?!  We've stayed in hotels before, but never for a vacation.
First time it was for a funeral, too many family members to stay at my grandmother's house.
Second time was for a job opportunity out of town
Third was when he left for the Army, I went to watch him off to BCT.

So, the one big request he made when he found out he was coming home was for us to go on a trip.  The best we can do right now is a short trip.  But, I'm psyched.  Beyond excited to get to go on this trip.  Just the two of us.  It won't be anything fancy, but I know it'll be FUN.  Heck, the two of us together, it's always fun.  We're fun folks!

We've decided to go to the Zoo, stay a night in a nice hotel, have a nice dinner somewhere.  And, because we'll be close-ish to my folks, we're going to head up that way and see them for a few days.  Maybe go fishing. 

Can't wait, just a few more weeks

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