Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hi, My name's Amanda...and I have a problem

An organizational problem.
Our finances are well tracked.  By well tracked, I mean, very well.
I have our checkbook on my computer, backed up on 2 usb drive things, on a regular register in my checkbook, and now, on my phone as an app.  And I keep them all up to date.  Oh, and of course I have it online through the bank.
Yeah.  Not exaggerating here.  Not in the slightest.
I have our bills in a 3-ring binder, with dividers and monthly calendars.
I have our bills on spreadsheet in this binder.  All bills come in and get 3-hole punched and filed accordingly.  All payment confirmations get printed, hole-punched, and filed.  Yeah. 
like my edit? lol

I also have my adorable day planner...

Is it bad to be so organized?

Other parts of my life that I am that obsessive over?  Read them here

You'd think my whole life would be that organized, that worried over...sadly, it's not.  Though, that's not to say I'm not working on getting it all that organized. 
You can be sure my coupons and my grocery list are.

I know I drive J nuts with it....

Is anyone else so anxiously organized?

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