Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Yay, time for Seriously Thursday...

Seriously...I'm sick of being tired all the time.  No matter how much sleep I get, I'm exhausted.  I could lay down at just about any point in the day and sleep for at least an hour.  Been this way for a week or's getting old.  For now, I'm chalking it up to the weather changes, and allergies!

Seriously...I've always been afraid of farm animals, unless they're babies (then I think they're the coolest things ever).  J, Sully, and I went on our 2 mile walk and walked past Pancake the Donkey.  Seriously, this donkey is quite old.  Passing by the first time, J and Sully went over and talked to him, J patted his nose and Pancake watched Sully.  Coming back, Pancake started walking down to us and since he's so old, I thought I could go say hi since he was going to all that trouble.  The closer I got to his fence, the faster he trotted.  I honestly didn't think he was going to stop!  He finally did, right at the wire fence, and snorted.  I squealed and ran back to the street!  Didn't even touch him.  In fact, I stayed about 4 feet away from him.  Yup, I'm that big of a weenie when it comes to animals bigger than me.  J just laughed at me and shook his head.

Seriously...If you  need your closet organized, call me.  I'll figure out a small fee.  It seriously feeds my anxiety/OCD to keep my closet organized.  I mean, all white plastic hangers, clothes hung from white to black in color order and then in sleeve length inside their color order.  It bugs me that J won't keep his side of the closet the same way.  So, I quit trying.  lol
partially finished closet, but you get the idea
Seriously...I'm the same way with our finances, I heart excel!  It keeps me organized

Seriously...I'm excited for scarf weather!  I have several scarves, in the summer I use the light ones as belts for my black slacks.  I also love my knit hattie, it has the yarn ball on the top!!  I want another one, similar but with ear flaps.  Like the kind you find at Gap or Old Navy.

Seriously...I hate dealing with cell phone companies.  Whether you deal with someone on the phone, or in the stores, it's never easy or without headache.  Last week we changed plans, the guy in the store said we'd keep all of our features.  I got to looking for our new due date and new bill (remember, I said I'm ocd about our finances), and I notice that we have text messaging charges.  To the tune of $251 for one line and $350 for the other.  WHOA!  Hold up!  I research more, guy didn't give us a plan with texting, talk only.  We rarely talk on the phone, and text all the time.  Problem!  Luckily, J called yesterday and got it straight in no time with minimal headache.  And, our bill should still be lower.  Phew.

Seriously...I'm enjoying my crafting...can't wait to be able to show everyone pictures! 

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