Wednesday, October 12, 2011


OMG!  Why oh why did I ever decide to click on
Worst mistake...ever.  
Now all I want to do is craft!  
I can't even start to think of anything worth blogging about, pinterest has stolen my my brain. 
I'm waiting so very patiently for pinterest to send me my invite email so I can start "pinning" and copying these amazing craft ideas! 
Hello Christmas gifts! 
Anyone have a garage I can raid?  So many of these crafty ideas are made from items you can usually find in someone's junk pile!  So many monogram ideas.  This girl big-fat-puffy-pink-hearts pretty much anything monogrammed. 
Oh geez, a friend who is already on pinterest just told me it can take a few days to get an invite.  Great...just in time for me to forget that pinterest is possibly the coolest thing on the face of the planet, I'll get drawn in again when they finally send me an invite.  Yes, my attention span is that short. 

And, no blog is complete without a few pics:
Mommie and the baby cuddled up last night

Look closely, black sugar stains your mouth!
 We made cake balls and cake pops, decorated for Halloween, of course.  The green ones were affectionately named "Troll boogers" by J's mother.  My mother-in-law is rather imaginative lol!! 
Edited it for Halloween!  lol


  1. DUDE...I am OBSESSED AS WELL! We need like a Pinterest Anonymous club! It is INSANELY addicting! I keep baking stuff that I see...its addicting! I love having all those options at my finger tips!!

    Ps that Halloween effect on your pic is pretty creepy cool!! Love it!

  2. rocks!
    I'm ready to start husband is just shaking his head!