Sunday, October 9, 2011

My milkshake has too much vanilla....

The plan for today was to get up and go to church...I woke up at 910, asked J if he was ready to get up and go to church.  His response?  Rolled over and went back to sleep.  I then thought I set the alarm for 930.  Not so much.  We woke up at 1150.  Church starts at 11.  Needless to say, we didn't make it. 

While I was drinking my coffee, J was reading his book, but fussed about me watching Big on A&E.  Said it was dumb.  What did I choose instead?  100 Greatest Hits of the 00s.  Oh yeah baby!! 
I can remember rocking out to some DMX, Usher, Lil Jon, punishing the poor old speakers in my 1983 Cutlass Supreme
My 1st car, 1983 Cutlass Supreme (aka Hooptie), this exact color
My 2nd car, 1986 Cutlass Salon (aka Jankie)
Yes, I was a little 16 year old blonde girl in a drug dealer's car...this was my father's doings, not mine.  He swore these cars would be safe, because of the way they were constructed.  Never mind the fact that these cars were made long before the advent of air bags. 

Anyway...J just sat there, watching VH1, shaking his head.  He had never heard of most of the songs, and was very unimpressed with the rap that came out my Junior and Senior years in high school. 

The first thing that floored me, was when I got super psyched because VH1 is bringing back Pop Up Video, and J says, "What is Pop Up Video".  Words escaped me.  How is someone that pop-culture illiterate?  lol
I have found some video and shown him...he's still less than impressed.  I, however, am excited!! 

Then, Kelis "Milkshake" comes on and I try to show him how to dance...I took dance from 3-5years old, and cheered in 6th grade and that's the extent of my dancing resume.  I did it really quickly, and embarrassed, sat back down.  "Wow, that's a frothy mess...someone left the top off of that blender"  Thank you honey.  Thank you.  Then, I later try to dance to another hip-hop song, probably a Lil Jon song.  Again, commentary from my loving husband, "Your milkshake has way too much vanilla"  LOL!  I can't argue, I'm just a white girl who fits the stereotype of white girls dancing.  Guilty as charged.  Which is why I do not go to clubs and go out dancing.  Never been, never will go!!

At first, I thought his lack of pop-culture knowledge was our age difference.  I am 5 years 9 months older than him after all.  So, my friend and I are texting, and I tell her about this.  She busts out with some "Get Low" lyrics and I know it's just J.  They're the same age, so I knew it wasn't an age thing.  LOL.  It's ok, it gives him something to laugh at me about.  Not that there is ever a shortage of laughter when I'm around.  I'm either saying, doing, or messing up something and making him laugh!  Good thing it goes both ways. 
We laugh together, a lot.  That's a good marriage! 

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