Saturday, October 15, 2011

Guaranteed to be random...

I didn't write yesterday, why?  Pinterest.  Guilty.  I resisted the Pinterest bandwagon for a long time.  Resisted, rolled my eyes, decided I wouldn't ever be interested in the site.  FAIL
I'm old-lady-church-bazaar-excited over doing some of the crafty things I've found on Pinterest.   In fact, I plan on having our already busy off-day-Monday include a trip to a few thrift stores for supplies!  And, hey, a few awesome clothing finds wouldn't hurt my feelings!  Bring it on Thrift Store Gods!
Since my hair is getting "fixable" I'm loving these
Hoping to find some cheap ornaments
This feeds my love of anything monogrammed
 I will certainly post when I get any of these crafts done!
Since my hair is finally long enough to do something with, and I know enough about styling my own hair to pull it up in a ponytail, I had my dear friend Brittni french braid it!  I haven't had anyone mess with my hair in so long, it tickled and felt funny to have someone playing with my hair!  We're talking a year since I've had a haircut, even a trim.  And my hair has been super-short since around 2004, so it certainly hasn't been "fixed".
Brittni & I, then me and my french braids...hehe
  Had a pretty good day before work, even though I had to work over last night and didn't get in bed until 4am!  We woke up about 1130 to J's grandmother making lunch.  YUM!  We had her fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and green peas.  This blogger was in heaven.  Even better, I got to pack up some for my lunch break at work!  BLISS!
Before we ate, we bowed our heads to say the blessing.  Before we could start, J's grandmother's cat says, "MEROW?"  Really loudly.  Too funny.  It's hard to say the blessing through giggles.  I guess she was saying her peace!  
My darlings this morning
I'm ready for today to be over so I can be home with my loves for my off days!!  Life is great with them in it!!

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