Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can this weather be any more beautiful?

I don't know about the rest of the country, but it's been absolutely gorgeous here in North Alabama!  Beautiful clear blue skies, just a few whispy clouds.  Days are only getting to the 70s with a crisp breeze, nights are chilly in the 40s...the moon is bright, lights up our street light-less street.  I wish I could find a place that stays like this year round, I would move in a heartbeat!! 
J and I got up Sunday morning and tried a new church.  It is a gorgeous, old Episcopal church downtown.  We really enjoyed the service.  I was very comfortable there, being a cradle Episcopalian.  J really enjoyed it, which is nice.  We'll definitely be going back.  We had some things come up, so we weren't able to go to their St Francis service to have Sullivan blessed.  Sully's been blessed before, but that was when he was a pup...he could use another blessing.  LOL!
We enjoyed some time with good family friends, and came home and crashed in the bed. 

Monday we got up, took our 2 mile walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We ate our lunch and then decided to try to hang more halloween lights...

J assessing the roof for good places for lights

after he didn't find anywhere, he became silly
 We stuffed and hung cute little ghosties from the trees in the front yard and decided to not hang anymore lights.  The lights around the front door and the lit pumpkin on the front porch will have to be sufficient.

We decided it was so pretty, and Sully had so much energy, that we'd take our 2 mile walk again.  Sully sure enjoyed himself, and so did we. 
I love being able to stay outside all day, it was perfect weather and I intended to soak it all up! 
Relaxing after a wonderful day together

And, because I soaked it all up yesterday, I'm paying for it today.  Darned allergies.  They're really bad this year, whatever it is that is blooming is killing me.  I woke up with sinus pressure, then it turned into a massive sinus headache that won't go away. 
Let me tell you, sudafed and Excedrin migraine are not two meds to put together if you don't take many medications to begin with.  I have a headache still, and I'm so jittery and spacey that I feel crazy!  lol  Is it bed time yet?! 

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