Sunday, October 16, 2011

To ink or not to ink....

I've always been against tattoos on myself.  Do what you will to your own body, but they just weren't for me.  Why?  Because I see so many people who have what seem to be impulse tattoos.  Tattoo=permanent, life, forever and ever.  Impulse and permanent do not mix in my book.
I mean, my husband has 6 tattoos and I don't think he's done...not by a long shot.  I went with him to get his last one, which may or may not be dedicated to me.  I'll let you decide:
it's over his heart, in Stonehenge font
And in pics on my blog you readers have seen most of the rest of his tattoos.  He has them on both upper arms, two on his back, one on his forearm...which other than the A, is my favorite.  it's beautiful.

My dilemma has always been I had never seen anything I wanted on my body for the rest of my life...then, if I ever found something I wanted tattooed on me, where.
Finally, I found what I want, but I'm stuck on the where.  So, here's the what:
First choice

2nd choice, but doubting I'd get this one
Ok, so body choices are, wrist just like the pics, or my right foot.  No where else.  Wrist would be good, but not easy to cover year round.  Foot would be easily "professional", just wear shoes!  lol.


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