Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost had a heart-attack!

Oh what a morning I had...J and I were on our daily walk, enjoying the beautiful weather.  Not a cloud in the sky, cool breeze.
We were almost done, on our last half a mile or so, rounding a turn that is bordered by woods.  All of a sudden we saw something large move, a branch fall, we both stopped.  We slowed down, figuring we had spooked a deer. 
Getting a little closer, and not seeing a deer, we kept on.  All of a sudden, a huge noise and this black thing comes flying out of the trees.  At the exact same time we both yelled, "HOLY SH*T!" and froze as we realized the big black shadowy thing was a huge vulture.  Apparently we pissed him off!  He started buzzing us, I seriously thought we were going to get attacked by this bird with a 6-7 foot wing span.  No joke, he was that big. 
Taking a better look at the sky, we realize that there are more of these ugly things.  Now, living in the country in Alabama, a vulture isn't a strange sight.  However, 7 of them getting their feathers ruffled by our presence is uncomfortable.  They all started flying over us and we smelled the dead stench of whatever it was that the vultures were feasting on.  We didn't stop to investigate!  lol

Before we went on our walk, and braved the vultures, J got to tell his niece more stories.  Today's story, how her cousin Sullivan is "special", he was born that way apparently.  His niece loves to watch Sully, she grins and smiles at him. 

Story time
Then a small person got fussy...4 months and already teething!  So, off to her mommie she went.  As soon as J's lap was empty, someone had to occupy it. 
yeah, I know, I managed to snap the pic with his eyes closed...oops
Sully can't stand it when the baby gets attention and he doesn't.  He isn't snappy with her, but as soon as someone's lap is becomes dog-full! 

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