Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Seriously...I first must make an apology, and admit my blonde-ness, for part of my blog post yesterday.  I got to Hobby Lobby today, all of my products in hand (thankful again that I only had one bag full), was glad to see that I would be only the 3rd person in line.  Gave her my receipt, showed her where I had been charged $9.98 for an item I thought I hadn't purchased.  You see, when Cashier double charged me for my cross stitch hoop, it looked a little like this:
Sewing               $9.98
Yeah, guess what?  4.99+4.99=9.98....ooops.  Yeah, my bad.  However, I do not recant any other portion of my rant!

Seriously...After going back to Hobby Lobby, I went to Micheal's to get white buttons.  (I found out for my project I'll need white buttons.  Sorry to keep anyone's curiosity unanswered, but it is a gift for family.  I don't think I have any family on Twitter, so if you're a blog follower and a Twitter follower, I'll show you there when this gets underway!)  I couldn't find the buttons I needed, but saw online, anywhere.  I found an employee and asked, expecting to be pointed in a direction and that be it.  No, no.  This wonderful lady searched the store over and found the buttons!  Now, that, is customer service!

Seriously...My husband says the craziest things.  It's finally fall, and cold.  Today it started sprinkling and J turns and looks at me and states, "I just got peed on by tiny baby angels".  Do what?!  How in the world does he come up with this stuff?!  Yes, I know a lot of it is really put on for my entertainment, yes it works, however...where in this world does he get this stuff?!

Seriously...A few months ago I started having problems with my laptop charger cord, it had a short.  I would fidget with it, mess with it, and get it to work.  Finally, it completely died and I started using J's little netbook in the mean time.  Wow, the difference in my 15" widescreen and having the numberpad on the right...aaaaaahhhh.  Then to go to his little 8" netbook, what a difference.  Saturday I was able to order a new charger off of ebay and it came in yesterday!  $15 with shipping, compared to $50 here in town!  Wahoo!!  And, it works so well!  I'm so excited to have my computer back!!

Seriously...last week I wrote all of my Seriously Thursday blog in HTML, I just figured out how to get blogger to do it for you so you can use HTML links...oh deary me.  LOL

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