Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is it actually, finally, fall?

I really enjoyed my weekend...even if it isn't your technical Saturday/Sunday weekend.
J and I spent both of my off days together, relaxing and just having a good time together.  Sunday we jumped in the car and rode, just drove up into Tennessee (the whopping 10 minute ride, lol).  Drove around the tiny town north of us, Sullivan even got to go!  He loves car rides.  We stopped at Sonic during their happy hour, you can't beat two large slushes for $1.97!!  Sully barks at everyone in the parking lot, and of course the carhop!  He's such a silly boy.
We took a few turns, got off paved roads and onto loose gravel roads.  Just the open country, windows down, wind in our hair and Sully's beard haha.  We saw a bridge out sign and of course I wanted to continue and explore this bridge!  The bridge was still there, but there was a yellow metal and concrete barrier with stop signs on it.  On one of the uprights, was carved, "KKK"  Oh dear.  I didn't go any further.  The bridge looked good, so I'll let your imagination run with mine on why the bridge was closed.  It was an old wooden bridge, so I'm sure it's a structural thing, however...I like letting my imagination run hehehe.
We stopped for a photo-op and then headed home because J's aunt and grandmother were singing at their church and had asked us to come.
I love the sun's rays in this pic!!

Still some rays!  Love!
We decided to get out of there before we were mistaken for something we're not!  lol
Then, this little Episcopalian went to her first Southern Baptist church in over 15 years.  It wasn't as bad as I my last experience, since 15 years ago the preacher was yelling.  Screaming about Fire and Brimstone, spittle gathering in the corners of his mouth, fist banging on the pulpit.  Obviously scared me enough to not go back for 15 years!  lol
Before service, J gets a drink from a water fountain.  My nutty husband then turns and looks at me, and asks, "Is water from a church water fountain Holy Water?"
Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?!?!
Just kidding, it was pretty ok, for a non-Episcopal church hehehe (I add extra jokes because the singing aunt reads my blog!)

After church, we ate at a Mexican joint and I decided to invite everyone over so I could make a tastey treat I saw on pinterest.  Croissant S'mores!
From pinterest since I forgot to snap a pic before wrapping them up

Before they went in the oven
Fresh out!  Marshmallow oooozing everywhere
Best I could do, my attempt to show you guys the inside
They were SO good, I had to fight the urge to eat 5!  I only ate one!  They were a hit, everyone loved them.  They even microwave well, just 10 seconds reheats everything nicely! 

Croissant S'mores
Croissant rolls, uncooked
Milk or Dark chocolate chips
  • Follow instructions like you're going to make regular dinner croissant rolls
  • On a flat, unbaked roll, put a handful of chocolate chips on the widest end (I used my hand to gently push them down into the dough, to make them more stationary when I wrapped it up)
  • Put several marshmallows on the top
  • Wrap, from widest part to the smallest, just like a dinner croissant
  • Bake according to the directions, I think it was 375 degrees for 10 mintues
I lined the cookie sheet with foil because I knew the marshmallows would ooze, so it made clean up a breeze

Yesterday was just full of go, go, go.  We had an appointment with J's cardiologist for tests and we're waiting on the test results to know what next.  The worst part of it all is, he feels great!  People look at him and think he's got to be in perfect health, like he's just the picture of healthy.  I just pray, pray for him and his mental well being.  I can't imagine what it's like, not knowing what is going on with your heart.  I mean, you can live without healthy body parts, but not organs. 
I pray for God to just wrap his hand around J's heart and keep it healthy, lead us in the right medical direction should we need to make some medical decisions.  
Please pray for him too?  Please. 
One cardiology funny...Cardiologists shouldn't decorate for Halloween.  I can't imagine that it's much comfort to patients to top the stairs and find the waiting room decked out in crime scene tape that reads, "DEAD END" and skeletons hanging everywhere...

We had a great lunch with a wonderful lady who I call my Minimommie.  She is my mother's best friend, and when my mom and dad moved out of state almost 8 years ago, I have been able to see her from time to time and talk face to face with a mother-figure.  If you need a realtor here in north Alabama, let me know.  She's amazing!!

J and I just enjoyed the weather, for what was predicted to be the last warm day for a while.  Our lows are dropping into the low 30s at night after this rain pushed through today.  
Of course we took advantage of it this morning on our 2 mile walk.  We even took the monster Sully with us.
the leaves are changing!!  YAY!

I have a customer service rant...I'll post it tomorrow!  lol

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