Thursday, October 20, 2011

Amazingly good news

The cardiologist called today!!
With the best news we could have asked for in this situation!  What I didn't reveal in my blog post Tuesday is, that during the echocardiogram & bubble test on Monday, we saw  what we knew was a hole in his heart. 
Well, when the nurse called, she confirmed what we saw, but said that the doc said it was tiny and has said that she doesn't want to do anything about it!  Amazing news.
So, tiny hole, aneurysm, all of this he has had since birth and all things considered, he is perfectly healthy! 
Best way I know to explain it, from how the nurse explained it:
all babies are born with what amounts to incomplete heart chambers, as they grow these chambers close and fully form.  By the age of 18 months, your heart should be finished.
However, some people's hearts don't fully close all the chambers.  In J's case, he has a tiny hole that allows some deoxygenated blood to cross over to the oxygenated side of the heart.
But, the great news is, he has no physical limitations!
God is great and answers prayers!!

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