Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seriously Thursday...

Seriously...why did I ever open Pinterest? I got my invite, created my log in...I'm going to be one entertained lady at work today! I'm so nerdy, I'm beyond excited over this!

Seriously...I'm finally figuring out how to use HTML on here, and I'm having to bust out my very rusty, insanely minimal Pre-kindergarten level HTML skills. But, it's the only way I can use the link-up for Becky aka Mrs to Mama's Seriously Thursday

Seriously...I need a hair tutorial, my hair is finally getting long enough to do something with and I haven't the first clue as to what to do with it!

Seriously...I'm really working on trying to be nicer, more kind. Some people just flip the switch and it's so much harder to control for me. But, I am making a very conscious effort to do better. Maybe it's like making a habit, if I can repeat the behavior for 21 days in a row, it'll stick. So, here goes nothing!

Seriously...a dear friend of mine just got dumped. How does the guy do it? BY TEXT MESSAGE! TWO days after he went out of state for 3 weeks for work. Yeah. How in the world can you call yourself a man? What makes it worse? They live together, in his apartment. So, yeah, he wins the award! Seriously wanting to kick him in his man parts!!

Seriously...loving the cooler weather, and so glad some rain has come our way. I'm ready for winter. If you're not from Alabama, or this far south, you don't understand. We go from blistering hot summer, about a month of one week of hot alternating with one week of cool and then we get slammed with winter. It stays winter until around March, where it alternates warm and cold weeks until the middle to end of April and we're slammed with full on summer heat again.

Seriously...speaking of winter, I'm so ready to start making Christmas crafts and decorating for the holidays!! J loves Halloween, I'm more of a winter holidays person!

Seriously...I can't wait to start making gifts for Christmas!!

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