Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What do you mean, you don't fold towels like I do?

I was raised to do things a certain way, things like household chores.  These little things were engrained, the steps you take to complete them, the way you do things, the way you put them away.  I never asked why, never questioned.  I just assumed that everyone folded towels and tshirts the same way my mother and grandmother do, assumed that dishwasher manufacturers sent out rule books with detailed instructions on how to load the dishwasher the exact way my mother and grandmother do.  They had to get all of their rules from somewhere, right?  There had to be a rule book?  Maybe?  I never questioned it really.  Just did things the way I was taught from an early age.  I'm sure I asked why we did things the way we did, but the answer I always got was, "Because that's how Mama taught me" (Mommie=mother Mama=grandmother).  Well, to me, and life is pretty much still this way, what Mama says is golden. 
So, one day early in our relationship, I see the way J has loaded the dishwasher.  Appalling!  Seriously?!  You thought you could load the dishes that way?!  They'll never get clean if you don't load them my way, Mommie's way, Mama's least that's what I was always taught.  If they aren't loaded by the mysterious rule book, they'll never get clean!  Several times I reloaded the dishwasher after J had just spotlessly cleaned the kitchen.  Several times he just stood there and let me.  One day he asked, "Why do you reload what I've already loaded?  If you're going to do that, why am I even wasting my time loading it at all?"  What?!  Why didn't I ever think of that?  Oh.  Yes, it was pointed out to me that on multiple occasions while I was working, he has loaded the dishwasher his way and then unloaded them before I had come home, did I ever find any dirty dishes in the cabinets?  Well, no, I can't think of any instances.  Hmm.  Well, after quite some time, I have stopped reloading the dishwasher.  I relinquished complete control.  But, I still load it my way, and yes, admittedly still shutter when I see his loading of the dishwasher.  The important thing here is that I just let it be, right?  Right.  I'll convince myself, and you, of that if I keep thinking it.  lol
I was the same way with bath towels.  However, I was much quicker to let him help and just fold them his way with towels than I was with the dishwasher.  I don't know why.  However, I only ask for folding help with towels and socks (my arch nemesis).  The Mama/Mommie way is far too engrained in me to allow my tshirts to be folded by any other method.  Nuts huh?
Separating laundry, that's another Mama/Mommie gospel.  J just refuses to get on that bandwagon.  I really shudder when he does laundry.  I must admit, I try my hardest to only ask him to do laundry after I have sorted them into approved piles.   
If you think the folding thing is nuts, you've not seen my side of the closet.  The closet thing is certainly an Amanda thing.  I can't blame it on Mama and Mommie.  My shirts must be hung in color coordinated sections, white on the right, progressing light to dark with black on the left.  In those color categories, sleeve length, from no sleeves to long sleeves, again, right to left.  Oh, and one last OCD issue in my closet...all the shirts face to the right.  Really and truly, try it.  It makes life SO much easier.  You already know what shirt you're looking for, you don't have to flip through your closet.  Poor J tries to help me hang clothes.  He's got the whole "must face this way" part down, but other than that, I have to tell him where they go. 
Wow, the more I try to explain myself, the nuttier I am!  My dear husband is a saint to put up with me lol.  But, that man adores me and I can't ask for more than that.

While I'm sounding nuttier than a Snickers bar:
When I get a bag of Skittles, I have to have a paper towel or piece of paper so I can separate them out into flavor/color.  Then, I'm embarrassed to admit, they are eaten in 2s, in a flavor order.  Lime, lemon, orange, red (whatever that flavor is supposed to be lol), then I save the best for last, grape.  Yes, my supervisor saw me doing this one day and said I look like a crazy lady.
I pretty much do the same with M&Ms, only I eat the ugliest color to the prettiest.  lol
I take bites of food, and very unconsciously, chew each bite on alternating sides of my mouth.  It's all about being even.
I have always had an active imagination when it concerns real possibilities, by 8 years old I knew what killer bees were and had an entire plan on how the world would function when killer bees became a true plague problem.
I won't listen to the tv volume on anything other than an even number, or a 5.  If even doesn't work, too loud, not loud enough, 5 is ok.  Why?  I don't know.  Same with the stereo in the car
DVDs will be in alphabetical order on my shelf, same with CDs, books, you name it.  If it makes sense to alphabetize it will be. 
My pantry tends to look just like a grocery shelf.  I love the organization.  Bliss.
I ate off of a separated plate until I was 12, no joke.  I still don't like my food to touch, at all.  My mom hid my plates when we moved the summer I turned 12, I don't think I've seen them since.  Oh Paddington bear, I miss you.

Ok, that's enough, someone will have me committed or put on drugs...or both.  lol.  Though, I'll throw my Mommie and Mama under the bus with me, they taught  me 90% of my traits!  lol

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