Saturday, November 19, 2011


In one of my first blog posts, I wrote about my OCD (diagnosed by Dr J, of course), especially concerning towels and the loading of the dishwasher...don't remember?  Catch up here.
I like to read the Yahoo headlines and saw this one: 10 dishwasher do's & dont's
Of course I read it.
As soon as I read #2, I emailed the husband...who thinks I'm crazy for being so OCD about the dishwasher!

2. Do load systematically according to manufacturer's instructions.
In general, the most effective way to load the washer is with plates in the bottom rack facing in toward the sprayer unit, glasses along the sides of the top rack, and flatware in the utensil basket. Nesting dishes or flatware to pack in more will not allow spray to clean them fully. 

VINDICATED!  (though, what up with dude's outfit?!)
And the email I sent to J as soon as I found the article...

OMG, Thank you, Yahoo!!
I am NOT crazy, I am NOT overly OCD!  and here is my big fat to you

And our ensuing conversation may have gone a little something like this:
J: Crazy
Me: What?
J: The yahoo thing
Me: I'm not crazy!!

Oh, and our holiday cards came in!!  After I went to work, however, and my dearest husband tells me they came.  I asked him to send me a pic, and nnnooooo, apparently I get to wait until I get home from work.  He did say he likes them, though!  Check out how we got our FREE photo Christmas cards, here.

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