Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I had an amazing weekend!

Yes, I realize that "weekend" typically means Saturday and Sunday, but alas..
My weekends are Sunday and Monday

Church Sunday was great.  I love feeling that refreshed feeling.  Like your soul has been washed.  I can't describe it very well. 
I'm excited that Advent is almost here!  It was a really special time for me as a kid.  We had an Advent Wreath and my brother and I would get so excited as each Sunday in Advent passed and we could light another candle.  3 purple candles, 1 pink, and finally on Christmas Day, one white candle.
Just something special about being able to celebrate the holiday of Jesus's birth.  

I had found potatoes on sale at Kroger for $4.49/10 pounds Saturday night.  I decided we'd have potato soup Sunday!  So, after church and lunch with the in-laws (at Red Robin...yuuummm.  Sorry, had to), J and I headed home to wash, peel, and cube 10 pounds of potatoes.  
Fun stuff, let me tell ya
Taught J how to make potato soup, he was a fabulous help and did most of the work.  It turned out delicious! 
One pot was too small!
It's pretty much all gone.  I think there's enough for maybe one big bowl left. YUM

Then it was off to the in-laws to take them our Season 4 Big Bang Theory and have a marathon and popcorn pig out!
Favorite show...EVER

Yesterday, I woke up and decided I wanted to be able to put up at least one tree with J.  You see, working law enforcement is a 365 day a year operation.  If your off days don't fall on a holiday, you better be the first the request off, of you're working.  So...I'm working until my next off day of Sunday.
J loves Christmas, like a kid loves Christmas.  And it's not the present part, it's the decorating part.  He loves it.  He gets the cutest smile on his face whenever he hears Christmas songs, sees a Christmas commercial, sees Christmas decorations.
J would have put up our trees and lights November 1st!  Luckily, we live with his grandmother and she was my backup and we were able to get him to wait.
So, off J and I went to dig our stuff out of the storage shed.
I wanted "my tree" put up, because I knew he wouldn't enjoy putting up mine.  He calls it "plain".  I call it, simple and beautiful!  lol.
See, I prefer clear lights, and a color theme.  This year's theme?
Blue and silver
Simple.  Clean.  Blue and Silver

J's mother got us a cute little Santa Fairy last year and I figured out the perfect place for him!

He's cute huh?

Off we went to a spur of the moment date.  And guys, get this...our first movie date.  Yes, we've been together over a year, married nearly 11 months (yes, we were together 3 months before getting married...when you know, you know), and we have never been on a movie date.
We decided to hit the dollar movie, and I'm so glad we did!  
The Help was still playing, and I've read the book but not seen the movie.  J had done neither, but graciously agreed and went with me.  Thank you, honey, little things like that mean the world
We laughed, and I nearly cried...even though I knew going in what was going to happen to each character.  J loved Minnie, and I loved listening to him laugh out loud.

We went from there to 
and got this amazing dessert:

We had an amazing date night.  Absolutely amazing.  
There is nothing better in this world than quality time spent with my wonderful husband!

This is NOT our Christmas card! lol

Yeah...I got a bit picture happy.  LOL

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