Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy All Saint's Day!

Yeah yeah, I know, Halloween was yesterday....so Happy All Saint's Day!  lol

I had a great 3 day weekend!  It was so nice to be off and relax for a few days.  J and I really enjoyed ourselves. 
Saturday we went grocery shopping with his grandmother, came back home and started baking and making goodies for his Dad's birthday dinner on Sunday.  I decided I was going to make some marshmallow goodies, got the melting chocolate and spied baking chocolate.  The very brand I used to use when I was a teenager making brownies from scratch.  I made the best brownies!  So, I grabbed them.  I told J that I was going to make brownies, "Don't you need mix?"  What?!  I told him he was insulting me, that I was going to make brownies from scratch!  He had never made brownies from scratch, ya'll!  What a poor poor guy, how deprived.  So, I helped, but he made the brownies!  They were so good, I'm pretty sure he was proud of himself.  So proud, he made another batch the next day! 
I found the idea for the marshmallow treats on pinterest...of course...
And I decided to stand them up, using the brownies...I thought it was pretty cute.  They were DELICIOUS!!
plain, no sprinkles

2 fell over

So simple, and cute!
Made 2 crock pots full of yummy Boston Butt.  Seriously, it's melt-in-your-mouth-amazingly-delicious.
Boston Butt (big as you can fit in your crock pot)
One cup of liquid (I use merlot, you can use broth, water, whatever)
Baby carrots (I sprinkle several in, no real quantity)
Half an onion, wedged and layers pulled apart, sprinkled in
Pepper, as much as you like, I tend to go lighter
Salt, again, as much as you like, I go lighter
Garlic powder (not salt, you just salted it, or use Garlic Salt and 86 the regular salt)
If you want it done for dinner, start it on low no later than 10am, if you want it for a late lunch like we were doing, put it on low late the night before and in the morning just flip it to keep warm.
It will fall off of the bone, try it.
Fabulously delicious

I had cute church hair
we're silly apart, very silly together

Sunday was his Dad's big birthday (I won't say how big, but it was a big one, lol).  We got up and enjoyed a nice church service and beautiful weather.  When we got home we got right to cooking and getting ready. 
J made brownies while I started sauteing fresh green beans, OMG wonderful.  I think I made 5 pounds, and there were no left overs!  J hates canned green beans, and only eats them because he knows he should.  Several people at the dinner are the same, or worse, and they all scarfed these things down!  They were so good.  Also, very easy to make!
I am not a food photographer! lol
Sauteed Green Beans
Fresh green beans (as many as you want) 
about a tablespoon of olive oil (I used extra light)
heat on medium high until the beans get wrinkly and slightly browned
You can stop there, but I seasoned them with garlic powder (yes, I like garlic)
when they're finished, I like to throw them in a colander and drain the excess oil off
Then, crack some sea salt over them...I'm drooling just thinking about them
Dinner was great, and we enjoyed some yummy deserts.  Of course our day was not complete without a little Sully torture.  J and I had found him a costume at PetSmart on sale for $5.  We couldn't pass it up.  
J dubbed him, Poison Fart Frog
That's one mad dog.  He was pissed not happy at all.  He doesn't mind clothes, but he abhors anything on his head.  He won't move once you put it on him.  It's hilarious!  Poor little guy.  He's the source of much entertainment. 

Of course we had to put him back in it to get some pics of him and his cousin, Amelia the ladybug (as a side note, I'm seeing that every female infant on the interwebs was dressed as a ladybug this halloween, lol)

Happy little 4mo old ladybug
dog sits still but looks away, baby squirms
Poor Sully, but he was good...
See, he was so good, he just sat there while she chewed his frog eyes
Our Halloween weekend ended with J getting conked in the head...and getting a concussion.  Lovely.  He was helping his dad, brother, and a friend split wood.  Somehow, just the right chain of events unfolded and he was smacked in the back of the head by a very heavy metal handle.  He came home with a goose egg the size of my hand, and the most dazed look I've ever seen.  We watched him for a few hours, but when I couldn't get the swelling down with ice and the headache wasn't controlled with tylenol, ibuprophen, and aspirin, added to that the eye ache he got accompanying puffiness under his eye...I took him to the doc.  We were told to take him to the ER, but of course he didn't want to go.  We were told what to watch for and told to get him immediately to the ER if anything changed.  J spent the rest of the night relaxing in the recliner, with ice on and off of his head.  I did wake him every 4 hours, and he was ok.  He's alright today, still has a good bump on his head...good grief.  lol
I'll end with a few pics of me and the Sulmonster

Sulls loves his mommie

I'm not sure what happened here


  1. Oh my gosh, that ladybug is adorable!! Seriously! Totally did not help my raging baby fever! : )

  2. LOL! She's pretty darn cute! Plus, she smiles ALL the time now, laughs at everything...and she loves her Uncle J!
    I'm still not helping am I? lol