Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Seriously...I'm not enjoying the rainy/cold/windy mess that I woke up to.  I don't mind cold and sunny, but the miserable

Seriously...My husband has described the way I sleep as, "A squirrel on crack".  Apparently I am either wiggling my feet, flip flopping, throwing covers on or off both of us, or snoring.  He swears I snore.  I don't  believe him.  He's threatened to record this...I'm waiting on proof before believing it. Then, if there is proof, I'm blaming it on allergy issues.  Wouldn't you?

Seriously...My husband is a kid, he gets so excited over new Christmas commercials on the television.  If it were up to him, our Christmas tree would be up already, lights strung outside.  Thankfully, he's going to wait until after Thanksgiving!  He also got really excited and his face lit up with a huge smile when he saw that the mall had decorated for Christmas already.  I love his excitement

Seriously...We have a few things unfolding right now, and I pray that we make the right decision.  Ugh, it's pretty stressful

Seriously...My BFF, Ashley, posted a hilarious status on facebook.  She's promised to start calling people out on their misuse of You're, Your, Their, There, Their, They're, etc.  I laughed and had to text her a few that I couldn't just say all over facebook.  I mean,'s called spell check.  Use it.  Spell check is your friend. Just because it's facebook doesn't mean you can show your stupid.  Stupid is like your underpants, keep them covered. 

Seriously...I need to get started on more of my Christmas gift crafts, one down a billion more to go!

Seriously..if you eat at Sbarro's (pizza joint in the mall), do the survey on the get a free slice of pizza on your next visit.  Can't beat that!!

Seriously...I've just run out of


  1. Squirrel on CRACK....bahahahhahahah! I could refer to my 2 year old as the same thing!!!

    Ummm Sbarros in my husband makes fun of me because I love it so much! Now I need to go to the mall! YUMMMMM

  2. Get to the mall! Give baby3 some pizza!! You can get a free slice!! Can't beat free! lol