Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It was a ponytail weekend apparently...

I was going to make this one post, but as I'm going through the pics, I'm realizing it needs to be two posts!  So, that takes up my blog for today and tomorrow!  lol  Now I don't have to rack my brains for something interesting to blog about.  HAHA.  That's assuming I'm interesting to begin with!
As I was going through my pics from my weekend, I noticed I wore my hair in a ponytail all weekend.  A rather rare hairdo.  I usually only bust out the pony about once a week or less.  My hair's been so short for so long I forgot how awesome it is to be able to just pull it back and forget about it! 
My mom called and woke me up Sunday at 11 (cut me some slack, I had worked 13 hours the night before, through the time change and had gotten home and in bed about 0330!) and told me she was about an hour and a half away.  Since J and I live pretty much smack in the middle between my grandmother and my parents, my parents usually stop to see us on their way home. 
We met her and enjoyed a quick visit and lunch at Wendy's lol.  Since we were back in my old "stomping grounds" I decided to take J around and show him a few places I enjoyed as a young teenager.  Since I wasn't a cool kid, it wasn't anything terribly fun, but I was able to show him some interesting places.  And, we had fun!  lol
After eating, I drove J to my old church.  The church we found and loved when we first moved to Alabama when I was 11/12.  It's an adorable old Episcopal church
See?  Adorable!  {via}
I drove him around the block to Big Spring Memorial Park where we walked around the pond, and of course I played on the playground!  What can I say?  I'm a kid at heart!  I see a slide or swingset, I'm on it!!  If there are no kids of course!
I love how I look like a giant 3 year old with my ponytail!  lol  And, I'm vain enough to say, I really am not as round in the stomach as this shirt at the angle of the first two pics makes me look!  Yes, I'm that vain, no I'm not ashamed to say it.
It took some begging, but I got J on the slide too!! hehehe 
There were kids there, so we left the slides and walked across the street to the cutest little Gulf station replica!  We weren't sure what its purpose was, until I found this.  Apparently you can rent the space for get togethers.  Whatever its purpose, it was cute!! 
Cute huh?

And of course I took a few pics of us...I'm quite happy with the color of my eyes.  They change color at random times, depending on my mood and what I'm wearing.  Told you, vanity.
total oops, but I still like it, lol!

for some reason, I stick my tongue out during pics
Then, we walked up the hill to the Old City Cemetery .  I played in this old cemetery when I was 12-14 years old after church.  My mom was in the vestry, so about once a month my brother and I, and a few other kids, had 3 hours of time to kill.  I'm not a fan of modern day cemeteries, I think they're overdone most of the time (personal opinion, I'm not knocking you if you disagree).  But, I love the history of old cemeteries.
I was going to make a collage of the cemetery pics, but I decided they deserved to be posted individually

There were a lot of Confederate Soldiers' graves

Trying to read a headstone and trying to cover his gun lol

As far as I know, the casket is still sitting under those bricks above ground
We then drove through where I lived during high school, got to see the tornado damage from the tornado outbreak of April 27, 2011.  I've seen the destruction since the tornadoes, but it was in the dark.  It's heart breaking to see the damage, this many months later.  But, uplifting to see how many people have already either rebuilt or repaired the damage. 
I took J to the ball fields I played soccer on for several years.  Come to find out he went to several events at the same place when he was a kid.  Our paths crossed so  many times while we were growing up!  We lived less than half a mile from each other for 2 or 3 years...I had to have driven past him so so many times. 

I'll finish up my weekend tomorrow, we have several beautiful pics from our spur of the moment hike! 

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