Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ponytail weekend...Part 2

Ponytail weekend Part 1 here

J and I were slow to get up Monday morning, but knew we wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  We've been wanting to go hiking for some time, but always have something come up.  Usually weather of course!
We headed off to a trail I've hiked twice before and he had never been to.  It's not a hard hike up the mountain, but it's still slightly challenging...something we both like.  It was early afternoon, but with the time change, we wanted to get to the top and enjoy the view and spend a little bit of time on our walk down.  The hike up took about 45 minutes, we sat up top for about 30 minutes and took our time coming down.  We beat the sunset!  I wish we could have stayed up there to watch the sunset, but I'm just not a fan of the idea of being in the woods in the dark!  Maybe we can take a few flashlights next time!
beautiful fall leaves...made for a slippery trail

other than this being a phone pic, I have no idea why it's blurry like that
My love found a rock and climbed on it.  I love his enthusiasm for life
 And, tell me how it is that J and I both got up, just threw on clothes: me mascara only hair in a ponytail, a long sleeved tshirt and old blue jeans, and him a flannel button up and ball is it that he looks great and I look, well, less than fabulous!  AAAAHHH, men!  lol
At the top, on the east side of the mountain
East side of the mountain, wish I could edit out the power lines

You can see into the next county, it's gorgeous
West side of the mountain, and my favorite side

I love the sun's rays
We decided to climb out on a few rocks that jutted out on the side of the mountain, as you can see, we were pretty high up.  We were above all of the trees below us. 
J climbing down to climb up
I love him!

He really enjoyed himself, he's so content out there
While we sat there, we counted 8 ladybugs on us!  If you don't know the story of ladybugs being good luck, read here
legs dangling over the side, lady bugs all over, but this is the only one I snapped
Not sure what happened with this pic, but J really enjoyed hanging out up there
Last pic before getting back in the car
We really enjoyed ourselves, and are hoping to get to go every weekend, weather permitting. 
I hope I didn't break anyone's computers with my less-than-made-up-face LOL!!

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