Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Decided to go with something new...I'm loving that out of the blue something told me to look up my grandmother's church, the church I was baptized in, grew up in, learned to be a good little Episcopalian in. 
What do I find when I open the link?  In the top left hand corner is a picture of my Papa.  He died in October 2010 and was really the Patriarch of our family.  That man was my hero my whole life.  I never knew of anyone having a bad thing to say about him.  Wonderful, wonderful man. 
So, I open the link and tears poured down my cheeks.  Happy tears. 
I can't put in to words what this man meant in my life, who and what he was to me.  I just can't. 
I think this was his silly way of showing me that he's still with me, still there guiding me, supporting me, loving me. 

This comes at a time that J and I have been praying for direction, opportunity, seeking God's will in our lives.  All of a sudden, we have a few options.  Options that can become opportunity.  It's all overwhelming, confusing.  I'm not someone who believes in ghosts...but I do believe in "signs".  This to me was a sign that my Papa is watching us.  Supporting us.  I do so wish that J could have known this amazing man.

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