Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 2, 30 Days of Thanks

7.  My job.  Yeah, I know, everyone has complaints and I know I do too.  But, my self imposed blog-rules keep you from knowing those complaints!  LOL  No, really.  In all seriousness, I'm thankful for my job.  I get to do something I love, something I truly enjoy.  My job challenges me, teaches me, forces me to see that the world isn't just what's right in front of my face, in my little world. 
yup, me hard at work
8.  Coffee...without which, I can be a raging bitch unpleasant.  And I'm not a coffee snob...I'll drink just about anything unflavored and caffeinated...with sugar, no cream, thanks.   Seriously, it helps me function.  I'm like a crack-addict.  I was surfing facebook the other morning, waiting on my coffee to brew and I read my bff Ashley's post about Veteran's Day.  I swear to you, I read, "I remember seeing the guys in their white dress"...talking about seeing the guys on the Naval Post near our old home town.  So, I left a comment, saying that I was totally confused.  I look at the post today, and clear as day it reads, "guys in their dress whites"  So, you see...prior to my morning coffee, I'm apparently dyslexic.  And a grumpy witch.  But that's another story

9.  I am thankful for any military serviceman or woman.  Without these people, we wouldn't have the freedoms we have.  I wouldn't be able to blog about being thankful for freedom!  lol  Even those who, like my husband, attempted to join, made it into boot camp and were sent home for medical reasons.  I still applaud any of them who were sent home, because they TRIED...which is more than a lot of people can say.  

10.  My cell phone.  Yeah, it's the little things.  Haha.  I can't say I'm thankful for my phone service provider, but hey, who loves their service that much?

11.  Pistachios.  Yup.  I'm pretty thankful for pistachios.  SO delicious.  I think I could eat my weight in pistaccios. 

12. (totally cheating here and going to go with another nut) Boiled Peanuts.  OMG, those things are amazing. amazing.  Yup, I said it. 
I made J turn the car around when I saw a gas station with a sign, "We sell boiled peanuts".  He'd never had any.  You've-lived-in-Alabama-all-your-life SAY WHAT?!  I marched in the store, opened the crock pot...yes, I dipped boiled peanuts out of a crock pot full of black water, in a convenience store.  I can't believe it either.  Spooned my treasure into a Styrofoam cup, paid the lady $1.some, and marched happy self back out to the car.  I was SO excited, ya'll!  I promptly cracked on open, and gave it to J.  Very hesitantly he put it in his mouth and chewed.  Verdict?  He couldn't stand them!  HAHAHAHAHA.  I ate them, and loved them.  I was so stuffed.  Amazzzzzzzing.  

13.  My past.  Yup, I'm thankful for all of the mistakes, all of the stumbles, all of the missteps.  If I hadn't experienced it all, I wouldn't be who I am today.  And, that person, is someone I'm happy with.

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  1. Pistachios!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!! How heavenly are they...I mean seriously i could eat them all day LONG! I got Ben & Jerrys pistachio ice needs more FLAVOR! Sadly disappointed haha!!