Friday, November 18, 2011

Fact Friday

Fact...I'm an addict....a coffee addict.  If I don't have my cup of coffee in the morning, I do not wake up right and that just makes for a grumpy Amanda.

Fact...I'm passionate about what I believe in and how I feel.  Sometimes to a fault.

Fact...I'm loyal. No need to expand on that, I think the definition of loyal is enough

Fact...I'm sarcastic, it's hereditary; and I'm afraid I got a double dose

Fact...unless I'm driving, I'd rather text than talk on the phone. 

Fact...I take too many pictures.  I'm going to be devastated when my computer eats them all and they're all gone forever.  I really need to back them all up, again, soon.  Like, today

Fact...the hubs and I are pretty silly, add the dog in the mix and we're really want proof?
how did I end up in the bottom of this pile?
Fact...I've decided to become crafty.  I blame pinterest.  I enjoy it, a lot. 
See what I can do with hot glue and some pine cones? I'm pretty proud
Fact...I don't feel like I'm in my late 20s.  Holy crap, where does time go?!

Fact...I support my husband 1000%, no matter what he does.  I know that I am always his biggest concern and he just wants to do what's right by me and us.  I just want him to be happy and fulfilled in his life.

Fact...I'm a homebody.  I don't enjoy going out, I'm not much into drinking any more.  I never really drank that much anyway.  I seriously had 2 beers Sunday night and had tummy issues the entire next day.  #beerfail


  1. We sound SO much alike! I am definitely a homebody. I hate talking on the phone. And I must have my Starbucks daily! Haha. Twins!

  2. That wreath is so cute!! And, dude, I waste SO much time on Pinterest, it's verging on insanity. (Ha, ha! who am I kidding... insanity was 10 miles back)