Saturday, November 5, 2011

28 Things I've never done

Saw this little idea and decided to copy it:
(And it turned out to be a whole lot harder than expected)

I'm 28 years old, and here are 28 things I've never done

  1. Bungee jumped...I may or may not cross this one off this list one day
  2. Gotten a tattoo...though that may change also
  3. Been in an airplane, much less ridden in one
  4. Eaten sushi...I don't eat cooked fish, why would I eat it raw?
  5. Swam in the ocean.  I've been to the ocean in the winter, and I've been to and swam in the Gulf of Mexico
  6. Traveled out of North America (went to Canada for a day when I was 5)
  7. Read the Bible in it's entirety.  I can only say I've read 3 books: Matthew, Mark, Luke.  I don't even know all of the books of the Bible, much less their order...but I'm still Christian!!
  8. Seen several movies most people think are necessary to sustain life.
  9. Paid more than $30 for a pair of jeans, or a shirt for that matter.  But, I did pay $200+ for a pair of cowboy boots that I've worn since 2004!  Money well spent
  10. Eaten exotic meat.  I refuse.  I can't bring myself to eat any meat other than poultry, pork, or beef.
  11. Ridden in a limo, though it really doesn't appeal to me
  12. Used illegal drugs, or legal ones recreationaly.
  13. Watched more than about 10 minutes of any Star Wars, or the original Star Trek...I have seen the newest remake of Star Trek
  14. Baked a cake from scratch, but I can make some fabulous cookies and brownies!
  15. Watched Jersey Shore, Desperate Housewives, or most other shows like that!
  16. Read or watched any Twilight or Harry Potter, nor do I plan to cross this off the list
  17. Been arrested
  18. Gotten stitches from an  That's a whole other post!
  19. Ridden a real roller coaster, you know one that has loops and takes you upside down at ridiculous speeds
  20. Traveled north of the Mason Dixon line!  And kinda proud of it.  Southern girl!  Yes, I went to Washington State as a kid and then to Canada, but Mason Dixon stops in the mid-west lol
  21. Eaten eggplant to my knowledge.  I say that because my mother and grandmother are crafty and it wouldn't surprise me if they tricked me 
  22. Gotten anything other than my ears pierced...though, I have definately considered piercing my nose until I started observing practically every high school and college kid has it done.  Ugh
  23. Gone to Disney, or Six Flags...I am a deprived soul
  24. Colored my hair any crazy color
  25. Gone skiing, and do not plan on it.  I am not a snow bunny, I do not like snow!  It's pretty for a day and then I want it to go away.  I rather enjoy the sunshine and 70 degrees!
  26. Gone water skiing or jet skiing
  27. Ridden a real roller coaster, I've ridden the ones that go around, but never upside down.  Didn't go on any upside down ones at Opryland or Dollywood (because Dollywood didn't have any at the time) I do plan on changing this!
  28. Gone skydiving...and as far as I'm concerned at this point in time, I won't be crossing that off my list! lol

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