Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Sorry I've been MIA, very busy few days!

Since I still haven't figured out how to copy html into my blog:

It's time for 

  • Seriously I'm ready for my 17 days off of work!  I'm just worn out, between work and packing and life in general...I need a break!
  • Seriously I got a text from our cell phone company today, saying if we sign up for auto payments, they'll give us a discount of $4.99...per line.  Um, yes please, where do I sign.  $10 a month savings on my cell phone bill?  $120 a year?  That's one whole payment made for me.  Yes please!!  
  • Seriously I've just been introduced to the game Angry Birds...omg, this could become an addiction.  Watch out!
  • Seriously I drink too much caffeine, I really need to cut back.  A cup of coffee in the morning and about 3 Pepsi Max or Coke zero a day...ugh.  I love my caffeine though.   
  • Seriously We had J's sister-in-law's birthday party...the cake ended up all over the kitchen floor (an accident, and the story won't be, it wasn't my klutziness this time).  So, J and I ran to the grocery store to buy a cake really quickly.  The only cakes they had were in the freezer, so of course they were frozen.  J was a sneak and bought the ridiculous relighting candles.  I thought preggo Sam was going to pass out trying to blow the things out.  Once she finally cut into her cake, the knife bent...that cake was ice, not ice cream cake, but regular cake.  It was delicious though.  We all chipped away at this frozen pastry and laughed.  Yum.  
  • Seriously I tried to put that last bit under the pictures (below) but blogger hates me today.     
  • Seriously I'm psyched, J is an uncle!  His first biological niece was born the other day.  She's a tiny little thing, but absolutely beautiful.  I'm pretty proud to be an Auntie again!  (We have a niece and nephew on my side, they're gorgeous themselves!) 

I got to hold her before she was 24 hours old!

Look at that sweet button nose

Such a sweet, good baby

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  1. I drink wayyyyyyyy too much caffeine, too!! Like at least 3 diet cokes a day!! That new baby is SO sweet!