Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorites Friday

Happy Friday everyone!
I decided to write a Favorites Friday post.
All about a few of my favorite things people!  
In no particular order

My family
(I promise, my parents are still married...somehow I don't have a picture of all 4 of us together)
Me and my Mommie

L to R: Mama, me, Daniel, and Papa

L to R: Daddy, me, and Daniel
And of course all my family and my fabulous in-laws who may or may not kill me for posting their pics on my blog lol

My Baby
My loves
The baby did not like the snow

Ashley and I have been best friends since we were 5.  Moved 3 schools and 2 states together.  She's a fabulous friend and I couldn't ask for better support.  She's living in Tennessee with her husband, so I miss her.  So, here's to almost 23 years Ash!!
Got my red eye removed, but couldn't get Ashley's...old pic but one of my faves of us
Miranda and I have been bff since 7th grade.  She is married to the Army, so she was whisked away from me, too.  Oh well.  I love you!
Anyone notice?  Yes, I have naturally very curly hair...if you've met me in the past 4-5 years you'd have no idea and I'd like to keep it that way lol

My husband
I try to keep his pics to a minimum on here, per his request...but he can't escape my favorite people post
We are really silly together
I've never smiled from my heart...until you
One of our very first pics...and wow my hair's grown
Of course we have a ton more pictures, but I wont keep going lol.  
I think it's obvious I am crazy in love with my husband...and I think he loves me a tiny whole lot.  
The song that makes me think of J, no matter which line David Barnes sings, it's all true:

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