Sunday, June 12, 2011

Switch it up Sunday

Today is "Switch it up Sunday", so here I am.

    I'm not really sure how Amanda puts up with me.  I'm a fairly hyper, slightly obsessive compulsive person.  I am constantly doing something, whether it's out running or reading a book.  When I'm driving, i rant and rave at the seeming stupidity of other drivers.  I mean, if you can't drive it, don't buy it.  You know what I'm talking about.  You've all seen those people that have bought the huge trucks with the gigantic all-terrain tires weaving in and out of traffic like the "Dukes of Hazard".  Or the people that black out all of their windows and, because they can't see out of them, cut you off on the interstate.  Amanda sits there quietly, and listens to my tirade, and laughs her butt off.
    I said earlier that I am slightly obsessive compulsive.  If you could see our apartment, you wouldn't think so.  While out apartment is clean, it is cluttered.  The thing I'm really obsessive about are my dress clothes.  When I wear slacks or dress shirts, whether they be polo or button up shirts, I have to press and crease them.  It seriously bothers me if I am wearing dress clothes and have not pressed and creased them.  Amanda on the other hand, could care less if her dress clothes are ironed.  There's been many a time that gremlins have sneaked off with her clothes and ironed them. 
    Yes, gremlins live in our apartment.  They occasionally sneak off with Amanda's clothes or eat the last of the Wheat Thins.  Of course, Amanda tries to blame me for it, but I know who the real culprits are!  One of these days I'll manage to snap a picture of one.
    That's about all for today... see you next Sunday!

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