Friday, June 17, 2011

Freaky Friday

I don't know about you and your house, but we have a problem.  A big problem.  Well, J describes them as small.  I've never seen them.  What, you ask?  Gremlins.  We have gremlins.  Supposedly.  I've never seen them, I'm not sure that they exist.  J swears they do. 

My first encounter with the gremlins, J and I had just moved in together and had gone to dinner somewhere.  I brought back left overs, half of my turkey burger, planning to eat it the next day for lunch.  I worked between leaving leftovers and lunch, but knew J was not a fan of turkey burgers.  I went to eat my lunch the next day, and my burger was gone.  Gone.  No trace of it left, no crumbs, nothing.  I couldn't even find the box it was in.  I asked J where it went.  He didn't know.  No idea.  I grinned and asked again.  Still, no idea...this time he looked mischievous.  Finally, he blames my missing burger on gremlins.  Gremlins?  Really J?  lol

I've asked him about photographic proof of the gremlins, he says they're pretty secretive and fast.  I know they're pretty crafty....
They let Sully out of his room (crate).  Oddly enough, only when his Daddy puts him in his room.  Funny, Daddy doesn't like putting him in his room, so I know that Daddy hasn't locked the door, just shut it, on several occasions.  Of course when we get home, Sullivan has made his great escape...they both blame it on gremlins. 
The gremlins apparently enjoy eating in our bed, but they're not very good at cleaning up after themselves because they leave crumbs.  I just look at J and roll my eyes when he says, "Those pesky gremlins!  I told them not to eat in the bed!!"
Gremlins also pinch me in the's annoying lol

I call J the Gremlin Lord because they only seem to come out when he's the one that's been mischievous!  I think the gremlins also help Sully out some too. 

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