Saturday, June 18, 2011

Decided to write a second post today

I've had a few funnies happen in the past few days that I just have to share!

J and I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday, to walk around and waste some time before work.  I had to use the I was washing my hands, there was a mother and her 6 or 7 year old daughter standing near me.  The little girl looked at the big silver box found in all lady's public restrooms and says, "Why do you have to pay for napkins?"  Poor thing was so confused.  I just kept washing my hands, looked up to see mom looking at me to judge my reaction.  That did it, I had to tuck my head and giggle so the little girl didn't see me laughing.  Little girl makes it worse, "That's not fair that they make you pay for napkins, most places just give you napkins, too many napkins, for free!!  Mom, why do they make you pay for napkins?!"  By this time, I'm convulsing with laughter, still trying to stifle it from the little girl.  Mom says, "That's going on Facebook for sure!"  I suggested she keep that story in reserves for later!  lol  It certainly went on my Facebook. 

Today J and I were talking, and after I gave him the cash I had, which was several ones, I told him not to go to a strip club with that!  lol  He then says, "I never understood why people want to go to strip clubs, I don't see the appeal in a woman on stage wiggling her boobies"  I died.  Bless him. 

J was showing me a few pictures I found on his laptop that has been locked up with a forgotten password for almost a year (I figured out how to hack into it and reset the password!  Go me!).  The pictures were from Gatlinburg's Ripley's Aquarium.  I love fish, so I was rattling off names of some of them.  He pointed out one large silver fish and remarked that he had forgotten what it was.  The next picture was just the back half of a striped fish and the back half of the large silver fish.  I'm such a fish-nerd that I immediately knew that the striped fish was a Frontosa, a large South American Cichlid.  Of course after I geekily rattled off some information about the Frontosa, I went to tell him what the large silver fish was called and all I could remember was that it starts with an A. 
Well, J said something just right as I was getting out of the car hours later and I stopped and yelled, "Arowana!  It's an Arowana!"  Since whatever it was he said that reminded me of the name had nothing to do with me screaming Arowana, I had to tell him that the large silver fish in the pictures was an Arowana.  My dear husband just shook his head.  'Tis just another day in the life of being married to me.  Random outbursts.  
A beautiful Frontosa, I will have one one day

Arowana, not so beautiful, but still amazing fish

Yes, I'm a fish lover.  Mostly a cichlid lover, African over South American, but I still have my favorites of the South American variety.  I'm going to go off topic and show you some pics! 
Yellow Labidochromis

Labidochromis, color morph


One of my very very favorites, Acei

Gotta love a spotty fish, Venustus

South American Red Belly Pacu, they do really get that big, and they are the cousins to the Piranha
I've had several tanks of fish, and I always go back to Cichlids, I love them.  They have amazing personality.  Ok, now that I went waaaay off topic, have a good day!

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