Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sully Adventure Saturday!

It's that time again...time for
Sully Adventure Saturday

I think he was dreaming of his favorite things to do
When Mommie and Daddy play, all Daddy has to do is say "OW" even if it doesn't hurt, and I start barking like crazy.  If he keeps saying it, I think it's really fun to jump up and try to bite Mom!  I wag my little nubby tail and listen to Dad laugh and laugh.  Then, the entire reason that I do it, Daddy gives me a Snausage!!  MMmmMMmmm my favorite!  

I also love to play with laser lights, if Mommie or Daddy is shining it on the floor of course.  Dad used to have this awesome light and I would chase that thing all over the apartment.  When he would stop it, I would attack!  I just know I can get it if I dig hard and fast enough, I will get that stinking dot!!  One day, I was having a really really good time, Daddy ran the dot into the bathroom and onto the bathtub wall.  I ran and ran and jumped over the tub wall and chased the dot in the tub!  So much fun!  Until...until one day, he ran it into the tub while there was water in it!  OMG!  I hate water!  I'm not a fan of water!  Not a happy camper.  I jumped right out and it took me a long time to trust Dad and the dot in the bathroom again!  

My favorite thing ever though, is the mornings with Daddy.  I always always sleep at Daddy's feet or his back, never with Mom (I think it hurts Mom's feelings, but I don't care).  As soon as Daddy wakes up, I go snuggle up with him and do my crazy dance!  I flip on my back and scratch my back and my head, mess up my beard, and snort.  Daddy thinks this is funny, so I just keep doing it.  Then, I snuggle back up with Dad.  I love mornings.  

Well, that's it for Sully Adventure Saturdays.  Check back tomorrow for Sully's Father's Day post, and meet another member of the family. 

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