Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm baaack!

After two plus fabulous weeks off of work with my darling husband, he is now gone to basic training.  I am now officially an Army wife.  He left out Monday, I have gotten to talk to him once so far.  I'm sitting right next to my phone in great hopes that he gets to call again tonight like he said he may get to.  I miss him, like crazy.  We've only ever spent hours apart, not days.  And those hours spent apart we could text and call.  One word sums up the past 3 days, TOUGH. 
We got moved our first 2 or 3 days off together, settled in and then left for my grandmother's house to see her and my parents before J left for basic.  I wanted him to have one full week of free time, in town, at home to be able to spend as much time doing whatever he wanted to do.  We enjoyed our trip to see my family.  Not only have we not spent much time apart, we've only ever spent a max of 3 days straight together with no work interruptions.  I was kind of nervous.  We didn't get into a single spat, or argument.  We loved our time together.  It was amazing. 
So, while week one was spent busy, week two was the opposite.  We spent Sunday in our pjs...all day.  Literally.  We changed pjs after a shower, and that's about as active as we got that day.  Samantha brought the baby over and we played with her...I'm pretty sure that's the day she pooped and had so much force that she moved herself in her Uncle J's arms.  The look on his face, this look of horror, was priceless...and hilarious.  Sam reassures him that it's ok, that Amelia has had gas.  J keeps rocking her and not 5 minutes later looks down and we hear, "IT'S NOT OK!  IT'S NOT OK!"  Let's just say her diaper didn't keep it all in...Uncle J's shirt caught some of it.  I thought he was going to throw that baby, he couldn't get her passed off to her mother fast enough!  J changed, sat back down.  After Amelia was changed, fed, and burped, Uncle J got her again.  No sooner did he get relaxed after being a bit poo-skiddish, did that baby upchuck on him!  He laughed about it later, I don't know that he knew what to think about it.  Off they both went to change again.  LOL
Monday we wanted to get out of the house, so we went to get my birthday gift.  It was so thoughtful. 
Hi, my name is Sarge!
Tuesday, was of course my birthday!  Yup, the big 28!  lol.  J asked what I wanted to do, I told him swim all day!!  So, what did we do?  Swam off and on, all day.  Then, his wonderful family had a big birthday dinner for me.  Yum!! 
Pretty much the rest of the week was a blur to me...but it was fun and an enjoyable blur.  Right now, I'm kind of in a haze I miss him so much. 
I go back to work Friday, I think it'll do me a lot of good.  I've had nothing but time on my hands to think about him being gone.  I'm hoping to hear from him soon, within the next hour...but not holding my breath to hear from him until Sunday of next week.  But, I should get a letter/letters long before then. 

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