Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I'm learning about maternity clothes...

If you're on my twitter, you know I was fussing about the cost of maternity clothes, and that I dropped $60 on 2 shirts and 1 pair of jeans.  I'm cheap, I refuse to spend that kind of money on regular here's my rant! lol

**They're ridiculously expensive.  $35 is the running price for jeans, no matter where you look.  And, you can buy capris at Target in one size, go back to get the same brand and size full length jeans.  Surely they fit the same, surely.  NO.  Not even close.  I couldn't get the jeans pulled up over my thighs.  Got them up as far as I could, crotch of the pants was still 4 inches below my own!  Same size.  Sense that makes?  NONE

**More on the pants...apparently if you're pregnant, your thighs are supposed to be the size of twigs.  Girlfriend, here, doesn't have that.  I've always had muscular legs, 5 years 2 seasons each of soccer will do that to ya.  Old Navy, I had to go up a size just because the legs were too tight.  I'm normal sized people!  Everywhere else fit...

**The shirts with rouching on the sides...lovely idea, if they don't ride up every time you move.  Can't find the shirt online to show to you guys...but personally, I don't want the band of my jeans to show because the shirt can't stay in place!!  Maybe it'll get better when I get bigger.
Just because it looks good on the hanger AND online, does NOT I repeat NOT mean that it will look good on you!  Case in point....this shirt: 
cute, right?  Wrong.  Terribly wrong!  Again, if you're a twig...with NO boobies...this should look fabulous on you.  I put it on and it made my boobies look 4 times larger than they already are!!  And made my belly look incredibly odd.  Needless to say...this is going back to Target!

**My favorite shirts are the plain, LONG tshirts.  I'm really liking SOME of Old Navy's shirts 
This looks SO much better ON than it does in this pic!  And a long tee that I found at Target, I have it in red and pink!  LOL

**It's rarely on sale, never at Target.  And just to be frank, most of Old Navy's stuff is just on my HELL NO list!  And Old Navy has the better priced maternity clothes!!

**My night shirts no longer fit, it's pretty amusing to look at me.  I finally broke down and got a body pillow, used it for the first time last night.  Either it worked or I was exhausted, but I slept WELL.  It did eventually end up on the floor though.  LOL.  I'll try that again tonight.

**Just shy of 18 weeks, and I'm ready for regular clothes already...and I haven't even hit "WHOA SHE'S PREGNANT" stage yet!!  


  1. I couldn't help laugh while reading this because I could have written it WORD FOR WORD while pregnant! What's even more irritating, is that most stores are going to online maternity rather than carry stuff in stores.. I don't know about you, but i have to try on EVERYTHING (i mean hello, capris and full length jeans example) :) I too have muscular thighs (15 years of soccer!), so I know ALL about pants not fitting. I had the best luck shopping at Gordman's (they have a motherhood maternity section), although I'm not sure if you have them where you are.

    1. I am not impressed by Motherhodo Maternity. They're even more expensive than Old Navy! My local Old Navy has a small maternity section, so I'm just dealing with that.

  2. It only gets worse friend! I'm 22 weeks and know how you feel. I have an 18 month old so though & remember those last 2 months not being able to find ANYTHING to wear! I do most of my shopping at Thrift Stores or I just buy X-Large in tops and wear regular tops. I'm too cheap to pay for maternity clothes too!

    1. I'm going to make these work, come Hell or high water!! I did find a consignment shop that has maternity, it's just hit or miss as to when I can find anything I'd actually put on my body!!